It’s been a while now since I posted an update on the house refurbishment. The main reason is that I have been insanely busy trying to get work done. The last time I posted, the full rewire was happening. I am happy to report that was all done successfully, and I’ve made a LOT of progress since. The main things which have happened include finally getting new kitchen appliances, replacing the external doors, decorating the hall, stairs and landing, and Sam’s bedroom. Read on to find out just how many times I’ve almost cried during the past month.

The House Refurbishment – Choosing New Kitchen Appliances

If you’ve read my previous refurb posts, you’ll already have seen the hideous retro cooker which was stuck in the middle of the kitchen. There was also a total lack of fridge freezer in the house. So replacing both of those was absolutely necessary. It wasn’t straight forward though… I didn’t account for the worktop overhanging the gap between the kitchen door and the space it needed to go in. After several hours of trying, and lots of expletives… I removed the kitchen unit so I could get the fridge into its rightful spot! Needless to say, I shed blood, sweat and tears while getting that fridge into its permanent home.

I opted for a Gas Cooker and am already regretting it. I’m spending a fortune on gas, as the house isn’t great at holding heat. It needs loft and cavity wall insulation as soon as possible. Not to mention draught excluders and the windows re-sealing. The fact I had to pay £80 to have it installed was also pretty sickening. Who knew being a grown up was so expensive! One thing I was thankful for was the fact my late Mum’s washer was still working. It didn’t stop me having a look through pay-monthly catalogues for washing machines to reduce that immediate big hit on the purse. For now, her old washer will have to do.

My New Kitchen Appliances - fridge freezer and gas cooker

The current kitchen layout means I have no choice but to put the fridge right next to the cooker. That’s definitely not a great long term option. I can’t use the hobs closest to the fridge in case they melt the plastic wall of the fridge.

Which New Appliances Did I Go For?

When I was choosing new kitchen appliances, there were several things I considered. Firstly, when it came to the fridge, I wanted a big one! I knew I didn’t have space for an American style one, so I opted for a taller standard fridge freezer setup. This means there’s plenty of room inside for all of my bottled water. I’m not a fan of water dispensers on fridges, but had to choose a model with one, in order to get one as big as I wanted.

Secondly, I knew I wanted a gas cooker. Electric cookers just aren’t as good in my opinion. Or so I thought – Until I had to pay £80 for it to be connected. I naively thought it would cost much less. The cooker I opted for has two ovens AND a grill – Swish or what!

Other Refurb News – The Post Rewire Video

I recorded this video when I first went back to the house following the rewire. The team had left the property 2 days beforehand, so the dust had had a little while to settle. This video was recorded a few days before my appliances arrived…

As you can see, the walls are all a mess, BUT the tradespeople did an amazing job at cleaning up after themselves. It took 4 working days for them to complete the rewire in full. The property was vacant during that time and the furniture was all piled up in the middle of each room, so they could access the walls easily.

I was really impressed with the work carried out, and would definitely recommend the company who completed the work. Finally, if you’ve enjoyed this refurb post on new kitchen appliances, why not check out more of my refurb posts? You can find them all here.

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