New Garden Project

Our back garden is a mass of plastic “tat” as I refer to it – Old bikes, a broken sand pit, a rickety water table and a slide with a chute so small, Syd can be at the top and bottom simultaneously… Basically, most of their garden toys need binning. The exception to this is the fab wavy slide and 8 foot trampoline we got them last year.

The garden is all Gravel and decking at the moment – there isn’t a plant or a blade of grass in sight. My plan for the Spring is to change that. I want to get rid of the old toys, bring in a couple of new ones and get some sensory plants in for the kids.

We have a huge wooden Hexagon in the middle of the garden. It used to be a pond. Then we filled it with Soil and planted herbs in it. These were fab – until the local cats decided it made a great Cat litter tray. Needless to say, all the herbs died. I am planning on emptying the contents out of the “pond”, moving it into the corner of the garden and turning it into a sensory rockery / herb garden area for Sam.

I am currently weighing up the best way to do this. Debating between painting the rocks colourfully, and sticking to mostly green herbs, or trying to go the whole hog and plant colourful things, like the image shows. The main issue we have is Sam’s PICA (His compulsion to eat everything in sight). We have to make sure nothing we plant could be harmful to him if he eats it. I love the idea of it looking a bit “wild” though, so there is plenty for him to explore, and it’ll be ever changing too. I am imagining lots of amazing smells as you brush past it, plus the old pond will double up as a seat, so we can sit there and enjoy touching, smelling and looking at the rockery.

Sam also loves water, so I think a water feature is also on my list of things to buy. I’ve seen a few he’d love in various places, but my favourite one to date is a watermill one, which we spotted in Bents Garden Centre recently. Sam adores things which spin around, so I think one of these would be ideal. It’s Solar powered, so I could maybe even incorporate it into the rockery, somehow?

When it comes to toys, I’m keen to encourage family games now. I was thinking a Giant Connect 4 Game, as well as adding a ladder to the trampoline. Their playhouse is on the small side now, so I suspect that’ll go this Summer. It’s ok though – they’ve still got the huge Cubby, with plenty of indoor space to explore. Sam’s Batmobile and their train table already live in there, but there’s room to store Giant Connect 4 in there to keep it safe from the elements, in between uses. (Plus, having it in there means Hubby and I can play when the kids are asleep, without waking them up)!

I’m considering adding a wind chime as well. Though considering how little sleep I get, this would probably be a bad idea, all things considered. This is about as far as I have got with my plans so far, but stay tuned for updates as I get stuck in.

This is not a sponsored post. I just wanted to share some of our ideas. 

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