I was recently asked to do a Oria beanbag armchair review, so of course I said yes. We opted for the Teal Bean Bag Armchair, which looked brilliant!  Read on to find out what I thought of the Beanbag Armchair and how you can win one!

Oria Beanbag Armchair Info

The Oria Beanbag has an RRP of £89.99 and is available in a good range of colours… Sage Green, Navy, Mustard, Terracotta, Teal and Slate Grey.

Beanbag Armchair Review - 6 of the Oria Beanbags - sage, navy, mustard, terracotta, teal and slate grey

We opted for the Teal Beanbag Armchair, and it didn’t disappoint! It measures 98cm x 97cm, and is double stitched so it offers extra stability. Additionally, the beanbag is double zipped to prevent any escaping beans. If you’ve got kids, this is a big reassurance! The beanbag arrived fully assembled – all I had to do was open the box and decide where to put it!

My Thoughts

Firstly, I love that the armchair suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. This, combined with the durable handle on the back makes it easy to transport too. My husband has already hinted that the Oria Beanbag Armchair would be perfect for his allotment. Unfortunately for hubby, the kids both love it, so I can’t see it leaving the house (or garden) any time soon!

Girl sat on teal beanbag

The Oria Bean Bag Armchair is made from hydro weave fabric, which is great quality. This fabric is water resistant, but also surface washable, so you have the best of both worlds.

Additionally, I love that you can angle the bag to sit up straight, or  so it’s in a reclined position. I’m sure this is a welcome bonus in the garden on a sunny day! (We’ve not had any of those since ours arrived, but I’ll update once we have)!

Beanbag Armchair on the grass with a red headed woman sat on it

All told, we really like the Oria Beanbag Armchair. So much so, I’m saving for 3 more, for the garden. It is worth noting that you do have to bring the beanbags indoors between use. So make sire you have sufficient storage before buying them for the garden.

How To Win One

If you want to be in with a chance of winning a Oria Beanbag Armchair, head over to my other blog – GirlsGospel and enter the giveaway there! 

Finally, if you liked this Oria Beanbag Armchair Review, check out my review category for more!

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