Anyone who knows me will be confident in saying my wardrobe is 99% black with a bit of grey thrown in. It’s not very often that I deviate from this. With that in mind, today I’m sharing my summer style – including a few items which are on my wish list. 

My Summer Style

As a work from home mum with two young kids and two boxer dogs, my wardrobe is VERY casual. I don’t need to worry about office wear, so comfort and practicality are always at the forefront of my purchases.  

Clothes Of Choice

Black leggings, jeggings and palazzo or lounge pants are my usual choice. I team these with either a longline T-shirt or a loose fitting vest top, most days. I’ll opt for a slightly dressier, detailed T-shirt if I’m going somewhere other than the usual daily dog walk and park visit. My tops are 80% black, but o do have a few coloured vest tops. 

3x women vest tops - my summer style


I absolutely love my “mermaid” Birkenstocks. I’ve had them well over a year, but they are super comfy and great for nipping to the park with the dogs or the kids. (It’s literally 30 seconds from our door, so I don’t need to worry about sensible shoes most days).

Sams Autism means I need to wear sensible footwear in case I have to chase him or diffuse a meltdown. This is also why there’s a definite lack of skirts in my wardrobe. I usually have some more supportive sandals which I wear when I’m out with the kids, but Minnie ate them last year and I’ve not replaced them yet. I spotted these Dr Martens Sandals on love the sales,  and am very tempted to splurge – they’ve got 24% off, so it would be rude not to, right?

Dr Martens Black Blaire Sandals

I’m sure you’re not even slightly surprised to read that my only summer jacket is a zip through hoodie…. a Harry Potter one, no less! 

Times have definitely changed! 10 years ago, my summer wardrobe contained LOTS of high heels, short skirts, short shorts and skimpy vest tops. I’ve definitely embraced mum life, as far as my wardrobe is concerned. There isn’t a maxi dress to be seen now! 

What are you wearing this Summer? I’d love to hear! 

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