Trendy Tot Thursday – Week 28

Welcome to week 28 of Trendy Tot Thursday (or #TT_Thursday on twitter / instagram). This is the Children’s fashion photo linky co-hosted by @ClearlyBex and myself.

If you haven’t taken part in Trendy Tots before, I’d recommend reading this intro post to find out how it works. If you’ve joined in previously… You know what to do! You can read, comment and share your own #TT_Thursday post on the linky below.

Last week, Bella from Dear Mummy was strutting her stuff in her Mini Boden dresses! She looked beyond gorgeous! I’ve only ever bought Syd 2 Mini Boden pieces, and both were too tight for her chunky legs, so I never bothered again.

We’ve spent most of this past week stuck at home. Syd’s had an ear and throat infection, so hasn’t been in nursery and has spent a lot of time stuck to me. As a result, we’ve had a lot of Pyjama days. I’ve decided to share Sam’s Angry Birds onesie with you…. It’s from Nutmed at Morrisons and has an RRP of £11. It’s fleece but not really thick, so he doesn’t get too hot wearing it for bed. It’s washed well and is always soft and fluffy – Which Sam loves!

I have had to chop it up and *ahem* alter the way he wears it to keep it on him – Let me explain… One of Sam’s current obsessions is ripping his nappy to shreds and trying to eat the elastic from it. He has quite a lot of nappy free time, but him doing this when I’m trying to make tea or at 3am is no fun – at all!

We’ve tried all sorts to prevent this, and my current method is an inside – out, back-to-front onesie! This has meant I have had to perform surgery on Sam’s Angry Birds onesies (he has 3) and remove the hoods! So far, this has worked well and he’s not managed to remove the onesie (yet)! The photos show him wearing the onesie correctly, wearing it just inside out (which he escaped from after just 2 nights) and then him wearing it back to front. I am seriously considering changing his name to Houdini!

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