Smear for smear selfie

This week is Cervical Cancer Prevention Week (or #CCPW on social media). As part of that Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust have come up with the #SmearForSmear Selfie campaign.

The idea is you put on your lipstick, smear it across your face, take a selfie and nominate a friend or two to join in. Hopefully it’ll help to get us all talking about the importance of having smear tests done.

I joined in this morning – here’s my selfie – in case you missed it on social media!

I have blogged before about how we need to break the silence when it comes to discussing smear tests. Currently, 1 in 3 25 to 29 year olds don’t take up their smear test invitation.

I was discussing this today with my sister, who had abnormal cells picked up on her smear test when she was in her early twenties. (Back before they raised the minimum age to 25). She was one of the lucky ones. They were picked up via a routine smear test and removed before she developed cancer.

Every day, 8 women in the UK are diagnosed with Cervical Cancer. I hope you or I will never be one of them.

Smear tests are designed to monitor your cervix. They can pick up on changes over time and help detect pre cancerous cells before cancer develops (which is what happened to my sister). For me, it’s worth the 5 minutes of embarrassment for the 3 years worth of peace of mind which follows. Cervical cancer is one of very few types of cancer which is preventable!

Even if the #SmearForSmear campaign only makes you tell your friends how daft this campaign is, It has got you to break the #Smear silence, so it is having a positive effect.

If you do share your #SmearForSmear selfie on instagram or twitter, make sure you use the hash tag, and you’ll be added to the Gallery!

You can also donate £3 to Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust by texting CCPW01 £3 to 70070 to support this great cause.

This is not a sponsored post. I think it is important to have your smear test, so wanted to help spread the word.

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