It’s no secret that I’m more than a bit of a geek. So much so, I spent about 3 days trying to source the right Harry Potter party invitations to Syd’s 7th birthday party earlier this year. Even after scouring so many shops, I still wasn’t 100% happy. So with that in mind, today I am sharing some tips on designing the perfect invitation. Read on to find out what I recommend…

Designing The Perfect Invitation – For A Birthday Party

If you’re planning a children’s party, quite often there’s a theme you can stick with. For example, we threw a Harry Potter-themed party for our daughter earlier this year. So the theme for the invitation was easy to decide upon. I looked for a font in a style similar to that which Harry writes, and customised the invitations. They looked very cool (In a Harry Potter geek kind of way) when they were finished!

If you’re planning a party for an adult, celebrating a special age, try to include that number on the design somewhere. This will hopefully avoid anybody turning up with cards for someone older than the birthday boy or girl!

For A Wedding

If you’re arranging a wedding, then a formal invitation is best used. There are loads of free fonts available online now, so be sure to take a look before resorting to good old word art, as I did in 1998!

Wedding stationery tends to be more classic looking, with an elegant base colour. (usually White or Ivory, to match the bride to be’s dress). Looping, elegant fonts are often used too. This helps to emphasise the grandness of the celebration, which guests have been invited to.

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Other Occasions:

If you’re planning a Fancy dress party or a Halloween party, be sure to include any dress code requirements on the invitation. Additionally, if the party is (or is not) suitable for children, it’s worth including that information as well. Should you ever be planning a masquerade ball or murder mystery party… It’s best to include any information your guests may need for their characters or costumes as well.

Make Sure You Include:

Whenever you are creating an invitation, certain critical bits of information should be included…

Firstly, it’s always best to include the full name of the person who’s party it is. Additionally, the date, time and location should be clearly displayed. If you will be providing food at the party, it’s a good idea to ask people with allergies or special requirements to contact you ahead of time, so arrangements can be made to alter the menu accordingly.

Finally, make sure you include methods the recipient of your invitation can RSVP. Failure to include this can mean you end up massively over catering for your event. Alternatively, more people than you expect may turn up and that would mean insufficient numbers of chairs, food, and drinks.

Finally, if this post on designing the perfect invitation has been helpful, why not check out more of my party ideas here.


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