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When I was pregnant with Sam, I joined pretty much every pregnancy club out there. I downloaded so many iPhone apps that I had 3 pregnancy folders, and I read so many things about labour prep that I was in danger of exploding with information. Read on to find out which apps I recommend when preparing for birth. In the end, I went into labour and the only app I used was a contraction timer. I found it an absolute godsend. I loved being able to see clearly how long each contraction was, and how far apart they were.

Apps I recommend when Preparing For Birth

When I heard recently about the new Aptaclub Third Trimester app, I couldn’t help but have a nosey…. NO – I am not pregnant!

The app is kind of like a little pregnancy planner – in the organiser section, there are 6 editable lists. Questions to ask my midwife, Birth plan checklist, My hospital bag, Baby’s hospital bag, Early days essentials and Supermarket Shopping list. The things included on these lists are a great base for your Third Trimester. I would have saved myself so much time if there had been a generic hospital bag list at my disposal the first time round. You can easily add and remove items from the list, and email the list too – perfect if you’re sending someone else to pick up your supplies!

The Practical Advice section has some fab tips for planning ahead, as well as practical information including birth positions and pain relief information. This is a fab quick reference point.

Contraction Timer

The contraction timer is really easy to use. There is one button which displays either START or STOP. When you hit start, the stopwatch starts. When you hit stop, it resets, and the exact length of the contraction is displayed. After a couple of contractions, you will see how far apart the contractions are, as well as their length. This is all the information you need to pass on to the midwife when you contact them. I found it a great help having it in “writing” when I phoned them. Once your waters break, you can hit the “my waters broke” option to record that time as well – the Midwives will want this as well.

Once your baby has arrived, the birth announcer section is a cute way to spread the happy news. You put in your baby’s date of birth, name, weight and time of birth, you add a photo, you then type in a message (up to 80 characters long). Next, you choose a theme from your announcement – there are 10 designs to choose from. Finally, you’re given the option to share the announcement via email or Facebook. This is a quick announcement I did to test it.

preparing for birth

I genuinely think this app would be a useful tool when you’re in labour, or to first time mums to be in their final trimester. It is available to download now, and is a free app.

I’m all for preparing in advance – I wrote about preparing your kids for their first trip to the dentist here.

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