Recently, the team at Jacamo kindly gifted hubby some pieces from their Summer collection. So  today I am sharing some Summer fashion for dads ideas – including the pieces he chose. My husband has lost a lot of weight recently. This is all well and good – until it comes to Summer… And the moment he realised he has no Summer clothes which fit! That happened at Easter Weekend, when it was boiling hot and most places were shut! Not the best moment to realise all you have is Winter wear!

Summer Fashion For Dads

When Jacamo offered to kit hubby out, I thought I’d have to say no. I was under the impression they only offered plus size clothing. Happily for hubby… I was wrong! Their sizes start at a 30 inch waist, and go down to small men’s, so hubby was fine!


When it comes to shorts, my hubby refuses point blank to get his legs out. He will wear 3/4 length shorts if he’s pottering around the garden or allotment, though. Thankfully, Jacamo had a good range of 3/4 length shorts, which start from £15 per pair! Check out the Jacamo Shorts range here!

Summer Fashion For Dads = 3 pairs of 3/4 length shorts


My hubby is definitely a T-shirts kind of man. I can’t remember the last time I saw him wearing a shirt, not counting funerals and weddings. There are loads of decent t-shirts available without breaking the bank. Men can get away with 2 for £5 t-shirts from Supermarkets. Why cant women pull those off? Jacamo’s T-shirt range starts at £5, and they are brilliant quality! (Hubby is wearing a £6 Jacamo T-shirt in the below photo).

father and daughter working on a vegetable patch. Summer fashion for Dads

(Note the tan lines on Hubby) – This is why he won’t wear shorts in public)!

We also enjoy designing custom prints for our t-shirts. It’s a wonderful way to express yourself and show your creativity with other people. There are online printshops like TeeJunction for instance, where you can send your photographs or graphics and have them printed especially for you. Designing t-shirts is also an excellent opportunity to engage your children in art activities and develop their creative thinking.


Unfortunately for us, we don’t get to go out for date nights. Between the lack of childcare, and hubby’s dietary needs… its impossible! I suspect hubby is secretly pleased about this, as it means I don’t have an excuse to buy him shirts! (He hates formalwear). I spotted this shirt though and couldn’t help but smile at it.

mens white shirt with lilac bottom and khaki hoodie - Summer fashion for Dads


The khaki hoodie pictured above is Hubby’s go to jacket in the Summer. It’s a good extra layer without being too hot. Additionally, he loves that it can be folded up small. At £20, it didn’t break the bank, either!

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