Growing up, I remember my Grandmother always kept a “Lucky Sixpence” in her purse. When I was asked to review a Lucky Sixpence Pendant from Hersey & Son, I immediately thought of her. Read on to find out what I thought of the Lucky Sixpence Pendant.

More Information On The Lucky Sixpence Pendant


The Sixpence Pendant is an actual sixpence coin, mounted in a Silver sleeve, which is on a Silver chain. If you want to make your pendant even more special, you can choose the coin year, and opt to engrave the back of the coin sleeve. (Pictured below).

the back of the Lucky Sixpence Pendant sleeve - engraved

Customising Your Lucky Sixpence Pendant

I opted to leave the back of mine blank, but you can pay £10 to add unto 17 letters. Additionally, you can pay 60p per letter for additional characters, up to 30 letters in total.

There are several choices of necklace length to choose from. 16-18 inch is included with the pendant, or you can opt to pay £4 to upgrade to a 20-22 inch chain. Additionally, there’s the option to pay £16 more for a 31-33 inch chain, which is a higher gauge.

Choosing Your Sixpence

If you want to choose a sixpence from a specific year, you can do so. This makes for an even more sentimental gift, in my opinion. This option is free for coins dated from 1947-1967, or £4 for earlier coins. The earlier coins have a higher silver content, so are worth more – hence the higher cost.

Lucky Sixpence Pendant and all the packaging


My pendant arrived through the post in a Jiffy bag. Inside there was the necklace box, a branded cleaning cloth and gift card. Inside the box, there was a layer of tissue paper over the top of the sixpence necklace. I was very happy with how it looked!

I received a 1925 coin, which was the year my late Grandmother was born. (They didn’t have any coins from my late Mum’s year of birth). I was overwhelmed with the beauty of the pendant and loved how worn the coin looked. I can only imagine how many people have handled the coin in the 94 years since it was made!

Lucky Sixpence Pendant Pinterest pin

In the end, I gifted my pendant to my Auntie, as I knew she would love the pendant with her Mum’s year of birth on. I was right – she cried when I gave it to her.

All told, I think these are absolutely beautiful gifts to give (and receive). I will be buying them for my 3 sisters (and myself) as soon as 1952 coins are available. (Trust my Mum to be born the year King George died – The coins are rarer, and more valuable from that year).

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