Phil and Teds Forgot Their Prams

This weekend is one of Europe’s largest pushchair exhibitions – the Kind & Jugend tradeshow. Most manufacturers are there to show off their latest products in the flesh to retailers from across the E.U.

Phil and Teds are there too, but they have left their stock in their warehouse! They have decided to showcase all of their amazing products DIGITALLY, in recognition of the fact most customers research pushchairs online nowadays.

Phil and Teds are aiming to show retailers that savvy shoppers are now researching potential pushchairs online. They are reading reviews, watching videos, comparing prices and looking at manufacturer and retailer websites, before visiting stores to see the products for themselves. Customers are then returning to the Internet to purchase, if the price is right.

Phil and Teds are embracing the age of online shopping at the Kind & Jugend tradeshow by showing retailers exactly what consumers want to see online, and helping them to understand how customers are now shopping.

I have owned a lot of prams in the past 15 months, and each time I have bought one, I did exactly what Phil and Teds think most people do. I browsed the Internet to make a short list, I crossed off potential pushchairs which didn’t meet all of my needs, then I went to a store to test drive the contenders. While in the store, I used my smart phone to check online prices, and then returned home to make my purchase if I found it cheaper online. Had the in store price been as low, and their information been as thorough, I would have purchased in store rather than via the internet.

Phil and Teds are encouraging stores to use QR codes to link their products to either the Phil and Teds website, or their own website. QR codes will allow in store shoppers to quickly and easily view the necessary information (specs, etc) via their smart phones, thus removing the need for them to leave the store to research more thoroughly. This would mean both online and Instore shoppers could make an informed decision when making their purchase.

As I am sure you’re aware, I love to review pushchairs. There are
already a few in my reviews section. I love the idea that my reviews
help other people when they are trying to decide which pushchair best
meets their needs. I love the fact Phil and Teds are being transparent and making all of the information on their products freely and easily available to everyone. They are once again ahead of the pack, and their approach to the Kind & Jugend tradeshow will no doubt have people talking about them.

Did you buy your pushchair online? Did you research online then buy in store?

This is not a sponsored post. I am just sharing the information as it genuinely interested me.

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