When I was asked to do a Cool Maker Hollywood Hair Extension Maker review, I was happy to agree. Syd is 8 now, and always asking for colourful hair, so I knew she would love this set. The kit is suitable for children aged 8 and over, and it needs 2x AA batteries to work. (These aren’t included, so be sure to pick some up if you’re buying this as a gift). Read on to find out how we got on when trying out the Hollywood Hair Extension Maker.

Hollywood Hair Extension Maker Review

everything included with the Hollywood Hair Extension Maker box laid out on the table

Included with the Hollywood Hair Extension Maker set is enough fabric to make 12 hair extensions. You also get 2x pens to draw your own designs on them, 5 extension clips, extension holders and the extension maker machine / storage box. Additionally, you’ll find a water spritzer, the extension curler and a spare “roller”, so you can be curling 2 extensions at a time.

How The Hollywood Hair Extension Maker Works

Once you have put the batteries into the Hollywood Hair Extension Maker unit, you can select an extension and colour it in, if you want to. Next, you insert the extension roller into the machine and press the button on the top. The extension ribbon then goes through the machine.

Hollywood Hair Extension Maker in use

As the above picture shows, the extension comes out looking like hair, rather than a piece of ribbon. The actual extension design and make process is really straight forward.

Time To Curl

Once you have made your extension, you can attach the clip and wear it straight. Alternatively, you can curl the extension. There are 3 different curling techniques available (which the following video explains far clearer than I could write it down).

When we tried to curl our first extension, I left it out for 2 hours. When I unrolled it, the extension was still damp in the middle, and the curl hadn’t taken. This was disappointing, but we rolled it back up and left it for another 2 hours. When we unrolled it this time, the extension was dry, but the curl hadn’t taken.


I headed to the help section of the above video at this point. It suggests drying the extension with a hairdryer on the cool setting, so we tried again… This time using the hairdryer. The curl took much better this time!

The left photo shows a “wavy style” extension. While the one on the right is a spiral curl.

My Thoughts

The RRP of £20 means you’re paying £1.66 per extension. Personally, I think this is a little on the steep side. Given that there’s only 5 clips included, you can only wear 5 at a time. So you can’t make some for friends and give them away without finding additional clips.

I liked that the bottom of the machine is a handy storage box, so you can keep all of the accessories together, and avoid losing pieces. Additionally, the extension holders are handy too. You can pin them next to your mirror, for example, so your extensions are stored tangle – free, between uses.

I do like that you can buy a Hollywood Hair refill set which allows you to create different looks, though. All told, I think the set is good fun, and any hair mad tween is sure to enjoy it. Finally, if this Hollywood Hair Extension Maker review has been useful, check out my Cool Maker Go Glam Nail Salon Review.


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