As a parent, it is our job to do all we can to ensure our children grow up healthy and happy. So when the weather gets colder and I notice less and less families and kids enjoying the outdoors, it makes me feel sad. So with that in mind, I decided to put together a post on the benefits of outdoor play in Winter. Read on for some insight into why it’s worth wrapping the kids up and exploring, during the colder months.

The Benefits Of Outdoor Play In Winter

For me, one of the main things which improves my overall mood is being outside. It doesn’t matter what the weather is like, fresh air really does make everything seem better for me. The same can be said for my children too. So regardless of whether it is sun hat or woolly hat weather outside, I try to get myself and the kids outdoors at least once every day.

There are plenty of benefits of outdoor play in Winter, including…


One of the most obvious benefits of outdoor play in Winter is exercise. Most people already know that kids need to exercise to help keep their bodies healthy. Letting them run around also burns off energy, so they’ll usually sleep better as well.

My daughter is always reluctant to go out for walks, especially when the sun isn’t shining. This has meant getting creative when it comes to ways to encourage her to get outside during Winter. She loves her bike though. So suggesting we go for a bike ride in the local park is a great way to get her outside, letting off some steam.

Side view of happy family riding bikes in park. They are out after reading about the benefits of outdoor play in Winter have a great range of bikes to suit all ages. Additionally, there is plenty of information on the health benefits of cycling for kids.

Stress Relief

Just like us adults, kids get stressed. Whether they are annoyed because they can’t figure out their homework, or because they can’t get past a hard level on their computer game… Fresh air is a great way for them to relieve stress, and clear their head. Taking time out can help them to focus more, once they return to the task in hand, too.

Let’s not forget that you get your Vitamin D from sunlight, so as well as relieving stress, some winter sunshine on the skin will help boost their mood, increase energy levels and sharpen their memory. Just 15 minutes of sunshine a day is enough to ensure your child gets their recommended daily allowance of ┬áVitamin D.

If it’s snowing, a snowball fight, or making a snowman together are brilliant ways to get your Vitamin D and make some wonderful memories too! You could even get the sledge out, if you live near some good hills!

Family in the snow, with a sledge. benefits of outdoor play in Winter

Building Relationships

A lot of children spend a great deal of time focussing on technology. So getting them outside and away from their screens is a great way to build relationships and open channels of conversation. My daughter loves to chat about her school week when we walk the dog together at the weekend.

She will sometimes bring her doll pram along for the walk, so she has something to “play with”. However, in reality, we spend more time chatting than fussing over her “baby”. Honestly, we have had some of our deepest chats when we’ve been out exploring the local woods, walking the dogs.

Wrap Up Warm for outdoor play in Winter

There is no reason why you can’t still get out and about during the colder months. I have shared my tips for wrapping up warm when dog walking┬ábefore, but the same applies for getting the kids out and about in Winter too.

The best thing to do is make sure the kids (and the grown ups) are wearing plenty of layers. That way, you can take off a layer or two if you become too hot. Additionally, I always take a foldaway rucksack, so I can pop any discarded layers into that and carry them easily.

Finally, let me know in the comments if you’ve noticed any other benefits of outdoor play in Winter.


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