If you read my blog regularly, you’ll know I am a big fan of gadgets. The same can be said for my children, too. So when I was asked to do a tonies® Toniebox review, I was happy to oblige. The tonies® Toniebox is essentially a way for young kids to play music and stories WITHOUT using a screen. As much as I love gadgets, I am also passionate about kids not having too much screen time. Read on to find out what I thought of the Green tonies® Toniebox and 2x extra Tonie figures we were sent to review.

tonies® Toniebox – What is it?

The tonies® Toniebox is essentially a small cube, measuring approximately 12cm cubed. It is soft to touch, and has a digital display on top. This is magnetised, so it holds the tonies in place when they are in use. Inside the Green Starter Set we were sent to review was the Toniebox, charger and 1x Creative Tonie.

tonies® Toniebox review - the items I received.

The first thing which struck me was how well made the Toniebox is. The stitching is perfect and there charger unit feels robust. Additionally, the overall design is funky, and sure to be a hit with the small folk. Speaking of small folk, the Starter set is suitable for children aged 3+ and requires a 2.4GhZ wifi connection to work effectively.

What I Received

We received a Green tonies® Toniebox, plus two additional tonies®. Firstly, we received “Favourite Children’s Songs – Christmas songs and carols”. This has an RRP of £14.99 and contains around 50 minutes of Christmas songs suitable for children aged 3 and over.

Additionally, we received, “Songs and Story – Disney the Jungle Book”. This one also has an RRP of £14.99, but only contains around 24 minutes of audio. This audio includes some of the original songs from the Disney Classic… “Hup, Two Three Four, Bare Necessities, I wan’na be like you, and My own home. Following these four songs is the story itself. This is read like a high quality audiobook – complete with background music and occasional sound effects.

tonies® Toniebox review - Unboxed

How Toniebox Works

It took me a good half an hour to set up the Toniebox when it arrived. Connecting it to the internet was easy enough. I followed the steps on the included setup guide. You need to make sure the recipient has 2.4GhZ wifi before you buy. Once connected to the internet, your Toniebox is ready for use.

Each Toniebox comes with one Creative Tonie – Green in our case. These are essentially blank, and ready for you to add content to. You can do this here. The Creative Tonie has 90 minutes of space on it to add content to. You can add these file types: MP3, M4A, M4B, WAV, AAC, AIFF, FLAC, OGA, OGG, OPUS, and WMA. tonies® provide one free story, which you can choose to download via the above link.

You then have the remainder of your 90 minute data to fill with whatever you want. I opted for adding fairy tales from loyal books. You can record your own voice recordings onto the creative Tonie if you prefer, using their smartphone app.

close up of the tonies® Toniebox for review

Once you’ve added your content, simply place your creative Tonie onto the top of your Toniebox, and it will play your content. This means it’s super easy for kids to use.

Other Controls

The “ears” on the Toniebox are actually the volume control. Press the smaller, left ear to turn it down, and the larger right ear to turn the volume up. Tapping the side of your Toniebox hard on the right hand side will make it skip to the next track. Additionally, it will skip back if you tap the left side. You do need to be a bit harder than you’d expect.

My Thoughts

All told, I really like the tonies® Toniebox. With an RRP of £69.95, they aren’t cheap, but they do feel robust and very well made. In my opinion, the Tonies which are available separately are what takes tonies® Toniebox from good to great though. Sam loves putting the Tonies onto the unit and then taking them off again. He’s 8 and has low functioning autism. He’s taken quite the shine to Tonies.

charger on the tonies® Toniebox

I love that it offers kids screen free fun, as well as being a great addition to long car journeys thanks to the 7 hour battery life. The included mains charger (pictured above) will mean there’s no need to buy disposable ones too. Winner!  All told, I’d definitely recommend tonies® to anyone who is listening, and hope this tonies® Toniebox review has been helpful.

Win Your Own Toniebox

The team at tonies® have given me one Toniebox and one additional figure to give away on my blog. Read on to find out how you could win this amazing prize, worth well over £85. (The winner may receive a different colour Toniebox and different Tonie.

To be in with a chance of winning a Toniebox of your own, simply complete the Gleam form below. This giveaway is only active for 24 hours, and the winner will be drawn within 48 hours of the competition closing. Fingers crossed the prize will arrive before Christmas, but I cannot guarantee that.

Win A tonies® Toniebox Worth £80+

Finally, check out more of my reviews here!

33 thoughts on “tonies® Toniebox review and Giveaway

  1. Done. My son is similar to Sam, he’s 7 1/2 And non verbal with asd. A friend of mine was only telling me about these last week!

  2. Ahhh wish we had heard about these before we finished our Christmas shopping!
    Sounds like an ideal birthday present though, especially the idea of having family recording themselves reading books ❤

  3. I saw these in John Lewis yesterday and was wondering if they were worth the price tag. Thank you for such a thorough review – I’m considering getting one for my Daughter’s 4th birthday.

  4. I would love to give this to my grandson who will be one year old on Christmas Eve. He’s been through baby hell recently with teething and ended up with a perforated ear drum poor mite. On the mend now though

  5. My two youngest children, I think they would reallu enjoy playing their own music and sounds through the Tonie

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