I was recently asked to do a Cool Maker Go Glam nail salon review, and was happy to accept. The set is made by Spin Master and suitable for children aged 8 and over. It requires 4X AAA batteries and has an RRP of £20. Read on to find out how we got on when we put the Go Glam Nail Salon to the test.

Go Glam Nail Salon Review

When you open the box, you find the Nail Salon unit in a couple of pieces. Once you have assembled this, you can’t get it back into the box. So don’t try it before the recipient!

A table with the Go Glam Nail Salon Review equipment laid out on it

Included with the Go Glam Nail Salon is 5x different stamp designs, the nail salon unit, a base and topcoat and 2 different coloured polishes. The Go Glam Nail Salon unit requires 4x AAA batteries for the nail dryer element to work. This is totally optional – you can always let your nails air dry, if you prefer.

As the photo before shows, we got stars, colourful leopard print, pugs, butterflies and spots as our stamp designs. I do believe these can vary though, so check the packaging on the set you’re buying if you want a specific print.

Using The Go Glam Nail Salon

The first thing you have to do is clean your nails and apply a coat of the clear base coat. You can either use the nail dryer on the Go Glam Nail Salon unit, or let this air dry. Next, apply a coat of your chosen Go Glam nail polish. We found that doing one thin coat, letting it dry and then applying a second thin coat worked best.

Once your nails are dry, slide your chosen nail stamper into the Go Glam machine. We found it best to tighten the stamp ribbon with a screwdriver between uses, so the ribbon is super tight. This meant the stamp was smooth and didn’t wrinkle during application.

Go Glam Nail Salon in use

Once the tightened stamper is in the machine, put your finger on the stamper rest point. (Pictured above).

Next, using your other hand, press firmly down onto the button at the top of the Go Glam Nail Salon. This will push the ribbon down and transfer the stamp onto your nail. Only do this once, as multiple presses will not improve the transfer.

When you remove your nail from the machine, the stamp will be in place. Finally, paint a coat of the included topcoat over this to reduce chipping / rubbing off.

Below is the photo from our first attempt using the stamper. Not bad for our first try.

Go Glam Nail Salon - finished pug nail

My Thoughts

The RRP of the set is great. £20 feels like a fair price, considering what’s included. It is available from all good toy retailers, including Amazon. I was really pleased to see that you can buy Go Glam Nail Salon refill packs for £9, which each contain 2x stamp ribbons, a coloured polish and a base and topcoat. So you can keep using your set, even after the included ribbons have ran out.

All told, I think the set is great value and brilliant fun. I would definitely recommend it as a product to use for mum and daughter pamper sessions, too. Finally, we reviewed the smaller set last year, and included a video showing how it works. So check that out here!




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