My daughter is almost 5 now, and she loves collectibles. She finds it really exciting ticking off the ones she gets on the item list, and the thrill of finding a “rare” collectible seems to feed her love of collecting. When we were asked to review the new Puppy In My Pocket sets, I knew she’s be happy to oblige. We received 2 sets – A Puppy Carrier Pack which retails at £7.99 and a Puppy Carrier blind bag which retails at £4.99.

Puppy In My Pocket

Rather than spending ages describing what’s included, I made this video so you can see for yourself…

The £7.99 Puppy Carrier Pack is a great value starter set. It includes dog bowls, a toy, a dog basket, dog blanket and a dog bed, plus two puppies. The included dogs are solid, and they don’t have moving limbs. My daughter has spent hours playing with the puppies.

The £4.99 Puppy Carrier Pack is a plastic puppy carrier with an opening and closing door. Inside it is a blind bag containing 2 surprise puppies. The excitement of not knowing what you’ll get seems to keep kids wanting to buy more and more of them. At £4.99 each, they are twice the price of the Shopkins sets Syd usually wants. You get 2 highly detailed surprise pups for your money though, as well as the carrier so it’s not overpriced in my opinion.

Puppy In My Pocket

My Thoughts

We’ve had these pups for a few weeks now and their furry feeling coats are still in great condition. The smaller accessories included with the more expensive set are the perfect size for being put down ears or up nostrils, so you do need to make sure youngsters can’t get their hands on them.

All told, we really like the Puppy in my pocket sets, and more of the £5 sets have already been purchased. I would recommend them, but for me the blind bags are where the excitement lies. Finally, check out more of my reviews here.

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