We are big fans of Kinetic Sand in this house. So I knew the kids would be very happy to review the Kinetic Sand Sandcastle Set. It is available in a range of colours, has an RRP of £19.99 and is suitable for children aged 3+

Kinetic Sand Sandcastle

Kinetic Sand Sandcastle Review

Included with Blue set we received is a blue tray, and a bag of blue Kinetic Sand. Additionally, you get 3 sand moulds (a starfish, crab and sandcastle) and a spade. There is just enough Kinetic Sand included to cover the bottom of the play tray when it’s smoothed down flat (as pictured below).

I just want to mention that I was taking photos in a poorly lit room, so the sand looks much duller than it is in real life. 

Kinetic Sand Sandcastle

Once you start to use the included moulds… You realise that there isn’t quite enough Kinetic Sand included to cover the tray base and press the moulds into it. You have enough sand included to make 1 of each mould, as shown below.

Kinetic Sand Sandcastle

This isn’t a problem if only one child at a time will be playing with the set. If you want to make sure there’s plenty of kinetic sand to go around, I’d recommend buying an additional sand pack. You can find these for around £7-8 each, but they really do take the set from good to excellent in terms of playability.

Our Thoughts

My daughter is 4 years old, and loves playing with Kinetic Sand. We’ve got several sets now, as well as a couple of rival brands. Kinetic Sand is our favourite of them all though. It’s so much easier to work with and holds together better once it’s been moulded into a shape. Finally, (and most importantly in my opinion) it’s easy to clean up! I hold a blob of it in my hand and dab it on any spilt sand and it lifts easily, making clean up a breeze.

Kinetic Sand Sandcastle

All told, I think this set is a great buy. I love that it doesn’t dry out and that it doesn’t stain your furniture or carpet. If it ends up on the floor, you can vac it up without any issues. My son has autism, and has a lot of issues with textures, but even he likes to play with Kinetic Sand.

This is a great starter set, which can be easily stored in the box it came in. I would recommend using a Zip Loc bag to store the sand between uses. Just so it doesn’t end up all over the place when you pull it out of the cupboard. (I’m speaking from experience here)!

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