When Syd and I were asked to review the [amazon_textlink asin=’B07K9B3MB1′ text=’Deluxe Pretty Pixels Eraser Maker’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’mothergeek-21′ marketplace=’UK’ link_id=’f57c289f-15db-4f27-b2b8-1d95583e5a46′] set, I was happy to oblige! I love toys which see us work side by side to create something almost as much as Syd does! The set has an RRP of £24.99 and is suitable for children age 8 and over. Syd and I managed without any issues, though… (She’s 6 now).

Deluxe Pretty Pixels Eraser Maker – What’s Included?

The set includes 1x Eraser Maker, 1260 pixels, 16 design templates, 1x plastic tweezers, 1x sorting tray. There are enough pixels included to make up to 4 large and 8 small erasers.

Deluxe Pretty Pixels Eraser Maker - whats included

Deluxe Pretty Pixels Eraser Maker – How It Works

When you unpack the set, the first task is to decide which eraser you want to make. This was quite the challenge for Syd! The included templates are a strawberry, camera, unicorn, bunny, flower, love heart, and butterfly. You also get an apple, panda, cupcake, ring, ice cream, flower, bouquet, perfume, and a present. As well as the mentioned designs, you also get 2 blank boards to create your own designs on.

Once you’ve picked your design, you pop it into the Eraser Maker and then separate the pixels. The instructions say to separate all of the pixels into the sorting tray, but we decided to just count the required pixels and remove just those needed. We went for this method to help minimise them getting lost, when the box was inevitably tipped up.

Making The Eraser

Once the pixels were sorted, Syd set about creating her bunny eraser…

Pretty Pixels Deluxe Eraser Maker - PIN

The instructions clearly state that you should start in the bottom corner and go up diagonally. Sys being Syd wanted to do it one side at a time. This made it more fiddly than it needed to be. The transparent “spacer” pieces don’t melt, and are reusable so its important to save them. Once your eraser is finished, you pop on the sizer wedge and then pull out the design sheet.

Finished bunny - Deluxe Pretty Pixels Eraser Maker

Next, you put half a teaspoon of water on before closing the Pretty Pixels Eraser Maker and microwaving for the specified time. (Our 900w microwave needed 100 seconds).

Once the microwave pings, you wait 3 minutes before submerging the eraser maker in cold water and waiting two minutes. Then it’s time for the big reveal.

The Big Reveal

After the eraser has cooled sufficiently, you remove it from the Eraser Maker and carefully remove the spacer pieces to reveal your finished eraser…..

Happy syd with her finished rubber

I think it’s fairly obvious that Syd was impressed with her handiwork! She immediately wrote me a note in pencil and made a few “mistakes” so she could test out the rubber. I am happy to report it actually worked!

Each large eraser contains 100 “pixels”. If you choose to make small ones, they divide the space into quarters and are made up of 25 pixels each.

My Thoughts

I love the idea behind this set. It’s great to get kids creating, and this is a cool, collectable way to do it. The set is a little fiddly but not frustratingly so. With a little patience, you can create something super cool, which can be taken to school. (Double win in most kids’ books).

The only thing which would make this set better in my opinion is the ability to buy refills for it. As it stands, you can only purchase the complete sets. The [amazon_textlink asin=’B0171T4AYE’ text=’Pretty Pixels mini pack’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’mothergeek-21′ marketplace=’UK’ link_id=’2cf8d44d-a25f-4e44-91df-9747d0d1a719′] contains an eraser maker, some small design sheets and 336 pixels. (Enough to create 8 small erasers). That set costs £9.99.

For £16.00 you can get the [amazon_textlink asin=’B07K9BN2S6′ text=’Pretty Pixels starter set’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’mothergeek-21′ marketplace=’UK’ link_id=’94d50387-743c-4d3b-a7e5-c6f58289dfce’], which contains an eraser maker, templates and 525 pixels. (Enough to make up to 4 large erasers and 6 small ones).

Deluxe Pretty Pixels Eraser Maker box

Once you have the Eraser Maker and templates, you don’t really need them again, so it would be great if you could just buy the pixels. I’d definitely recommend this set for creative kids. The set is available to buy from The Entertainer, and all good toy shops.

Finally, we were sent this item to review, but all words and opinions are my own. No payment was received. If you enjoyed this review, why not check out my review section?


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