My daughter, Syd is almost 7 now, and has been begging for horse riding lessons for a while. One of my best friends grew up with a horse, so I have been grilling her about what horse riding gear newbies actually need… Before I continue with this post, I want to make a huge confession… I have never ridden a horse! I spent my entire childhood dreaming of owning one though, and hung around more than my fair share of stables.

What Horse Riding Gear Do Newbies Need?

There are a few bits of equipment which are essential for riders of all levels. A lot of riding schools will lend them to kids to begin with though, so double check if you’re not sure.

Riding Hat

The first essential bit of kit is a riding hat. It’s important to make sure it meets all of the required safety standards and fits well. The price of a children’s hat is anywhere from £49 upwards. If you (or your child) will be riding often, it’s best to buy your own hat. This way, the padding will fit your own head perfectly, making for better protection.

child on a horse wearing a helmet and boots what Horse Riding gear do newbies need

Riding Boots

The second thing which in my opinion is definitely essential is a pair of good quality horse riding boots. Whether you are looking for kids or adults boots, you should ensure the boots you choose have a smooth sole and a small heel. The small heel allows you to keep your foot in the stirrup securely, and the fact the heel is small means you won’t be unsteady on your feet when mounting and dismounting your horse.

The amount you pay for riding boots can vary from a few points to hundreds. As a new rider, short boots are advised, so that you can get to grips with the foot signals easier. A more experienced rider will probably want to opt for long riding boots. These tend to be more expensive, but they prevent your calves rubbing on the horse. Leather riding boots are more expensive than their rubber equivalent. Personally, I’d opt for cheaper boots for kids, as they’ll go through plenty of pairs as their feet grow.

adult on a horse in helmet and boots

Body Protector

I personally think a body protector is essential for all new riders. A lightweight body protector will protect the rider if they fall off the horse. These tend to cost from £45 upwards. Cheaper ones are available but they won’t meet the required safety standards of a lot of establishments or competitions.

Riding Gloves

The final bit of kit which I feel is essential is a good pair of riding gloves. These will allow you to grip the reins securely, and prevent slipping. They also help keep your hands and wrists warm during colder months.

When considering what Horse Riding gear do newbies need, I think it’s safe to say you’ll spend £200+ on the essential equipment, alone. Double check which equipment your riding school of choice offer though. Our local one said they can loan a hat and body protector, so a pair of wellies and a £3 pair of gloves would be all the outlay required for a taster lesson.

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One thought on “What Horse Riding Gear Do Newbies Need

  1. Horse riding is an expensive hobby but the things you need to buy last for quite a while.
    I used to ride horses as a child and I would say the riding hat and body protector are the most important things. x

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