I am a huge believer in shopping locally wherever possible. That said, I do still use supermarkets a lot. So today I am going to share my opinion on the corner shop vs supermarket. I buy flowers for my parents’ plaque at the crematorium from the florist next  door to it, rather than the supermarket. I’ll visit the local bakery for fresh cakes, rather than the counter in the supermarket. They are very different stores with very different experiences though.

Corner Shop VS Supermarket – Familiarity

Chances are if you visit the corner shop regularly, the staff will get to know you. I loved the local shop where I grew up – so much so, I worked there while I was at college. There was something soothing about walking in, and having the shop keeper telling me my favourite magazine had been delivered. You definitely don’t get that in the Supermarket. I love that they stock a great range of products in their display fridges. The corner shop is super convenient when you’ve run out of milk. The Corner Shop is now in. the lead in the corner shop vs supermarket battle.

Corner shop vs supermarket – Anonymity

There are some things I simply would not buy at the corner shop. Call me paranoid, but the idea of Sunny, who used to sell me 10p mix ups knowing I need heavy flow tampons seems wrong on many levels. I would never dream of shopping locally for a pregnancy test, either! That makes it 1 – 1  in the corner shop vs supermarket battle, now.

Supermarket aisles - corner shop vs supermarket


Being able to pop into the corner shop on my way home from school, or without using the car makes it really convenient. I also love that they now have a parcel drop off service, so I can collect my deliveries from there, rather than waiting in all day for them to arrive at home.

The corner shop also opens early on a Sunday morning – unlike Supermarkets. I have lost count of the number of times I’ve had to nip out for emergency supplies on a Sunday morning. We always seem to run out of Milk at the most inconvenient times! That makes it 2-1 to the local shop now, by my reckoning.

Product Range

Despite our corner shop being convenient, it doesn’t have a freezer section. Since ice cream is essential in my eyes, I’d never survive without occasionally (ok regularly) visiting the supermarket!

freezers in supermarket - corner shop vs supermarket

Since I am vegetarian, a lot of the food I eat isn’t available in small, local stores. As much as I’d love to shop locally more, I do need to visit large chain stores for the sugar free diabetic foods hubby needs, as well as the meat free products we both enjoy. That brings the score to 2-2 now.


When it comes to the cost of products, you’re always going to pay less in a supermarket. That said, I can pop into the corner shop, and come out with just the item(s) I went in for. That never happens in the supermarket. I called in for toothpaste last week, and spent £41! With that in mind, I think the final round is going to have to be a draw. So the final score in my corner shop vs supermarket challenge was 3-3.

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