MotherGeek Weight Loss – Week 3

Last week, I shared my weight loss progress with you. I found it really helped keep me on track this week, knowing I’d promised to post a weekly update.

I have had a really good week. I have been under 1300 calories every day, and done between 9000-12000 steps each day, as well. I still haven’t done any other sort of exercise (other than playing with the kids, pushing the pram and the occasional bounce on the trampoline).

Today, I weighed in at…

That’s 11 stone 4lb… 158lb… 71.6kg!

That’s a total loss this week of 5.25lb (2.4kg)!

I have now lost 10lb in 3 weeks. (4.5kg).

All I have done is log my food religiously in My Fitness Pal, stick to the recommended 1200 calories and walk as much as possible.

My diet has been:

Breakfast: Cereal.
Dinner: Something like boiled egg on 1x toast or light cream cheese on crackers or hummus and bread sticks.
Tea: Sweet & Sour quorn and rice OR Veggie pasta OR actifry chips, quorn steak strips and boiled veg, etc.
Snacks: fruit, yogurts and the occasional glass of vino. 

I logged everything in MyFitnessPal throughout the day so I could keep track of where I was up to.

So far, so good. I am definitely feeling better in myself now. My clothes aren’t quite so tight. I’m not ready to drop a dress size yet though!

I am @MotherGeek on My Fitness Pal. Feel free to add me if you’re using it, or if you want to. 

Until next week……

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