Syd is 5 now, and animal – mad. She particularly adores cats, dogs and rabbits. When we received the Little Live Pets My Dream Kitten to review, I knew she would love him.

Little Live Pets My Dream Kitten - cuddles

Little Live Pets My Dream Kitten

The packaging says the kitten is called Cuddles, and he has an RRP of £54.99. He is suitable for children aged 4 and over, and came with batteries included. This meant he was ready to be played with as soon as he was unboxed!

Rather than spending ages describing the toy to you, I made this video so you can see him in action for yourself…

As the video shows, Cuddles is really interactive. The instructions were clear and he responded really well to the gestures and commands when we did them. (We’ve had similar toys to these, where the reality wasn’t on par with the description). Thankfully, that was not the case with Little Live Pets – My Dream Kitten.

Cuddles’ name tag can be personalised, but you’ll need to choose a pretty short name, as the space isn’t massive…!

Little Live Pets My Dream Kitten name tag

Little Live Pets My Dream Kitten, Cuddles’ main features are:

    • Opening and closing his eyes
    • Making sleeping sounds when he’s asleep
    • Nuzzles like a real kitten and twirls his tail when you stroke him
    • He purrs when he’s happy
    • He has 20 kitten sounds and 6 play modes
    • The more you play, the more Cuddles will say
    • Requires 4x AAA Batteries – these are included

Little Live Pets My Dream Kitten, Cuddles is super cute, and he’s been a big hit in this house! After around 20 minutes of play, Cuddles said “I love you” in his cute kitty voice. This was the moment when Syd fell well and truly in love with him. She’s been playing with him for around 3 days now, and we’ve had a few more phrases since then. Each time he says something new, Syd acts like I did when she picked up her first words. It’s super cute watching her get excited about him learning to speak.


It may only be October, but Syd is definitely in Christmas mode already. So much so, Cuddles is now rockin’ his very own Santa hat! I’m not sure he’s quite as excited as Sydney is….

Little Live Pets My Dream Kitten Christmas

I love that the off switch is so easily accessible. This was much appreciated when Syd lay on Cuddles at 1am, and I had to hastily switch him off before he woke the whole house up. When you take him out of the box, you need to move the switch from Try Me, over to ON and then he’s good to go.

Little Live Pets My Dream Kitten switches

My Thoughts

All told, Cuddles has been a big hit here. I did think £55 was on the expensive side, but after seeing how much Syd loves him, and how his speech improves over time, I think it’s probably about right. I’d definitely recommend it for any kitty mad children out there. He is available to buy from Smyths. If you enjoyed this post, why not check out more of my reviews here.

We were sent the toy to review, but all words and opinions are my own

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