A couple of weeks ago, I received a box in the post. I wasn’t expecting anything, and when I opened it up, I found a couple of cute teddies and some face paint inside. Upon further investigation, I realised the teddies were in fact Feisty Pets… These teddies can change from cute, happy pets to grumpy, snarling ones in the blink of an eye… Almost as quickly as my 6 year old, in fact!

Feisty Pets

Princess Pottymouth (AKA Crookshanks).

[amazon_textlink asin=’B071NQ83R8′ text=’Princess Pottymouth’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’mothergeek-21′ marketplace=’UK’ link_id=’64445355-dd0e-11e8-bdb0-39493c4bd3c1′] was definitely our favourite of the two Feisty Pets we received. We are all Harry Potter mad in this house, so of course Princess was quickly renamed Crookshanks! She has an RRP of £15, and is suitable for children (and adults) aged 6 and over.

Syd and I got our craft on, and made her some cat ears from an old headband and some paper coloured orange. Once we painted her face, Syd declared herself Crookshanks’ mum!

Feisty Pets

As you can see, Syd too pulls a fantastic Jeckyll and Hyde mood switch!

Glenda Glitterpoop The Unicorn

[amazon_textlink asin=’B078GZ29NY’ text=’Glenda Glitterpoop’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’mothergeek-21′ marketplace=’UK’ link_id=’7c30e63b-dd0e-11e8-b111-19581129fd82′] is a cute, White Unicorn! She is one of the most popular Feisty Pets. Hardly surprising when you factor in how popular Unicorns are.

Feisty Pets

Like Princess Pottymouth, Glenda has an RRP of £15 and is suitable for children (and adults) aged 6 and over. She’s super cute one second and then totally terrifying the next!

Our Thoughts:

I don’t know what it is about Feisty Pets, but they really tickle me! So much so, I went live on facebook just after they arrived to share the hilarity. Feel free to watch my random live video here. (Or not)!

Syd definitely took to Crookshanks Princess Pottymouth and hasn’t left her alone since she arrived. they’ve been to Ordsall Hall together to attend potions class, and Crookshanks also went to Driagcon last weekend (Harry Potter Con). Syd spent much of the day scaring fellow cosplayers (and Dobby) to within an inch of their lives!

feisty pets

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