Every year since the kids were small, I have made them a Christmas book advent. If you aren’t familiar with what this is, you can read more about them here. The kids are 6 and 7 this year, and we need to get rid of quite a few of the more babyish books, and replace them with ones Syd in particular can read herself. With that in mind, I thought I’d share where I have sourced our books from, so that your own Christmas Book Advent doesn’t have to break the bank.

Christmas Book Advent

Planning Our Christmas Book Advent

I always start our Christmas book advent a day early, with the Elf on the Shelf: A Christmas Tradition. We read this on 30th November, ready for our house elf – Chippy’s arrival on 1st December.

Day 24 is always The Night Before Christmas, by Clement C. Moore – is it even Christmas Eve without this story? Advent consists of 24 days, so I know I need to find 23 other books each year.

As we have a decent book collection, I always start by seeing which of our Christmas books can be included. This year, I am including 8 books which we already own. This means I still have 15 new books to find.

Sourcing Our Books

Christmas book advent

I bought all of this year’s books online. The Works have some amazing bargains, including 10 books for £10! In the end, I ordered 20 of these books, and paid £20. I also got free delivery. The books pictured below are the books I bought. Most of them are for our Christmas book advent, but some will be used as stocking fillers for the kids.

Christmas Book Advent

The combined RRP of the 20 books I purchased was £133.80, so I saved £113.80 – that’s an incredible amount!

If your kids are 8 or over, you’ll probably find more books they’ll love at The Book People. They have some brilliant deals available too.

There’s no rule saying all of the books have to be Christmas themed either. You could always buy a few collections and split those up. Remember Flat Stanley? There’s 6 books in that series, and you can get all 6 for £5.99!

Wrapping Our Books

In previous years, I have wrapped our books in different coloured wrapping paper, and left them un-numbered (except for day 24). This allows each day to be a surprise for both the kids and myself! (Have I mentioned I am a big kid)? This year, I am trying to be more environmentally friendly with wrapping paper, and have only bought recyclable paper. (Did you know that shiny or foil based paper is non recyclable)?

With that in mind, I am hoping to track down an affordable, recyclable wrapping paper sooner rather than later. My last resort will be brown parcel paper, with some cute stamps or ribbons on.

Storing Our Books

We always use the wooden crate pictured below to store our book advent. I got it a few years ago from Plantabox and it is one of my favourite Christmas decorations.

Christmas Book Advent

We use it as our Christmas Eve Box as well – popping our final book, new Pyjamas, reindeer food and snowman soup into it for the kids. Between holding the book advent and then becoming the Christmas Eve Box, It’s definitely one of my most treasured Christmas items.

I hope this post has been helpful with planning your Christmas Book Advent. Do let me know if you have any other suggestions for places to buy great value books.



2 thoughts on “Where To Buy Affordable Books For A Christmas Book Advent

  1. I love this idea! My 11 year old is a bookworm so I’m always buying books. This is such a lovely idea to lead into the festive period. I’ve got a friend whose dad keeps himself busy by making things out of wood, and she paints them to sell, so I’ve asked her about making boxes like the one here!

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