My New Baby – TypeDock

I have been blogging for around 13 Months now. To begin with, I used WordPress. After about 6 Months, DaddyGeek picked up on how much I enjoyed it, and he set to work building me a new, super impressive blog layout. (This one). He hosts it on his own server (He’s a huge Geek) and he designed and coded it all himself.

Since I switched to using this design, quite a lot of people have asked me where my layout is from, or how they can add certain features to their own blog. I have also noticed a lot of people asking for advice on moving their blogs to becoming self hosted. As well as this, a lot of people have mentioned how they hate paying hosting fees.

I took all of this on board, and came up with TypeDock.

Here’s a bit of info:

TypeDock makes it really easy to set up a beautiful, feature-rich blog. Your blog is Ad-Free and can be hosted with your own domain, or theirs, if you prefer. TypeDock
offer unlimited storage, free hosting, integrated widgets and live stats – for FREE! You manage
everything on the super-easy to use control panel.

“How will we make money if it’s all free?” I hear you cry…
TypeDock will, in the very near future, offer a widget that will add live pricing for specific products. EG: if you post a product review for an iron, current prices for the iron will appear at the bottom of your blog post. Any revenue generated from your blog post will be split 50/50 with you, but we will maintain it all. In effect, we do all the leg work, maintenance and chasing the companies, while you write your blog posts and wait for the pennies to roll in. (This service will be totally optional, and there is no obligation to use it. You can see an example HERE
FYI: All links included are nofollow, too!

TypeDock have built in an extensive array of stats, which allows you to see where your traffic is coming from, how popular each post is and more. All in real time. Of course, if you’d prefer, you can still use a third-party analytics provider such as Google Analytics.

If you just want to blog about your pet Rabbit dancing to Jive Bunny, that’s absolutely fine too – and still free 😉
TypeDock will be launching on October 1st 2012. This blogging platform will be open to all types of bloggers, not just mummy bloggers.

Follow on Twitter or like on Facebook to keep up to date on progress. I will be “manning the phones” (or social media pages), while DaddyGeek does the final tweaks before launch.

So there you have it – my very own company, which might actually earn me (and you) some pennies! Let me know what you think (be honest).

Does this make me a Mumpreneur?!

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