Just call me Jim – Cos I fixed it!

Last week, the washer jammed shut. Hubby managed to get the
door open & was greeted by about 20 litres of stinky water for his

After trying various things over the weekend (to no avail), and
finding out the manufacturers wanted a £129 call out fee, I decided to
take matters into my own hands!

Some googling showed me how to change the pump, so I got stuck in!
Almost an hour later, I pulled out a sheet of colour catcher – still in tact!

I put the washer back together & what do you know….. It was working!

All I can say is I am bloody glad I’m such a cheap skate or I’d have
been even more annoyed! Imagine paying £129 to be told a colour catcher
was the culprit!

Needless to say, colour catchers are off my shopping list AND my Xmas
card list! I’d sooner spend the money on the energy used doing an extra
load of washing each week.

This got me thinking… What have you done for yourself & been mega proud of?

Answers on a postcard (or a comment – whatever)!

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