I was recently sent some Dr Beckmann Non Bio Stain Remover (with extra hygiene) to test.
We have used Dr Beckmann products for a long time. Hubby swears by the oven cleaner, and I remember my mum using the net curtain Whitener when I was small.
I was surprised to see they were doing a non bio product though, as I know a lot of their products contain really strong chemicals.

I didn’t have long to wait before I could put the stain remover to the test. Sydney had a poosplosion, and my white linen trousers were in the line of fire. Under normal circumstances, I probably would have just thrown them away, but I decided to test the non bio stain remover.

I just popped a sachet in the washing machine with the trousers on 40 degrees, and hey presto – the stain was gone when I removed them! My washing machine also seemed a bit shinier inside (I am not sure if this was down to the stain remover, or the almost empty wash cycle, though)! Since then, we have had a few more poosplosions thanks to Sam’s teething, and these sachets have come up trumps every time! (No pun intended)!

I definitely recommend them, and have already bought more! With an RRP of just £1.99 for 6 sachets, they are money well spent in my book! I give them 5/5!

I was also sent a Dr Beckmann Stain Devils Kids Stain Kit to test. I’ll be honest – My kids aren’t really at the whole messy stage yet. It is mostly just food stains Sam gets covered with. I used the food stain remover on some of his bibs, and they came up clean. I also used it on one of my white tops which I got tomato puree on. It didn’t get the stain out of my top. I am guessing you have to use the Stain Devils before you wash the garment though – my top had been washed before I noticed the stain.

The box of stain devils has an RRP of £3.99, and they claim to remove 40 common stains. I will update this review as and when I try to remove them. So far, I’d give the stain devils 4/5. They aren’t non bio, but the process is quick and easy. There was no lingering smell either.

This is not a sponsored post. I was sent the products to review, but all words and opinions are my own.

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