A few weeks ago, I asked my Twitter followers where was best to buy Dribble Bibs from, as Sam had started dribbling like mad.

One place was suggested time and time again – Funky Giraffe Bibs.

I decided to browse the site, as I was fed up of Sam’s clothes ending up
soaked & his neck sore due to his vast amounts of dribble.

When reading the Funky Giraffe blog, I noticed they were looking for parent bloggers to test them, so I applied.

A few days later, this package was delivered to my house…..

Gorgeous Or What

When I opened it, I found 3 of the best quality bibs I have ever felt, wrapped in yellow tissue paper.

I put one on Sam right away – (Who had had his 8 week injections the same day, and was crying & dribbling more than ever).

After 6 hours’ wear, the bib looked like this:

A Bit Wet Looking But His Top Was 100% DRY

It looked wet on the side he’d dribbled, but thanks to the absorbent
fleece backing, his top and neck creases were totally dry – a first for

I was amazed!

I thought it best to wash the bibs and use them all a few times each before reviewing, so I could give an accurate review.

This is a photo of one of the bibs after 3 washes…

Sam Loves To Stroke Them

It still looks, feels and absorbs as well as it did when brand new.

They feel really soft, and Sam is always rubbing the fabric.

I love the fact they have 2 poppers on the back to fasten with – this
means the bibs will grow with your baby as you can fasten them at 3
different sizes as their neck grows.

In all honesty, before I had tried Funky Giraffe Bibs for myself, I
was dubious about how good they would be, and thought the price was a
little high.

Now I have tried them, I am more than happy to admit I WAS COMPLETELY WRONG!

These bibs absorb a shed load more dribble than a normal bib. (I have
tried LOADS – including those Tommee Tippee ones with the towelling,
thick neck, which supposedly saves their clothes – they didn’t save

Sam was going through 6 or 7 bibs a day before I got the Funky Giraffe ones, but now he uses 2.
He wears a Funky Giraffe one all day, and then uses a plastic backed one
over the top of it when having a bottle – just in case he’s sick!

You can get 10 Funky Giraffe bibs for £19.50, delivered – So it’s a no brainer as far as I am concerned.

The more bibs you buy, the cheaper they get!
1 costs £4, Delivered.
4 costs £8.50, Delivered (£2.13 each).
10 Cost £19.50, Delivered (£1.95 each).

I am DEFINITELY going to be ordering more for Sam – LOTS MORE!*

*Not because he will need loads, just because I want all of the colours so I can co-ordinate them with his wardrobe!!

In short: If your baby dribbles, you NEED to buy some Funky Giraffe bibs!

I rate the bibs themselves at 5/5
The Packaging at 5/5
And the price at 5/5 too. – You get what you pay for!
They may cost more than a “normal” bib, but they are 100 times better!

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