Dream Feeding – How Do YOU Do It?

I have tried dream feeding Sam a few times, and while he
takes the bottle, he usually still wakes up at his feed “times” (3am
& 6am).

However, last night I gave him a 6oz bottle at bed time (19.30) and then put him to bed as always.
I picked him up at 00.30 – (He was sound asleep).
I fed him 6oz (Formula), burping him half way through and then again at the end, before putting him back in his cot.

He remained asleep the entire time.

Sam slept through until 6am, when he woke up, hungry.
I fed him & he fell asleep again when I burped him at the end of his feed (6 oz).
He remained asleep until 9.30am when he woke up & did a super poo!!

That was, without a doubt the best night’s sleep he has had in his entire 10 weeks.

So I want to see more of THIS:

Sleeping Sam

And less of this:

Sam Crying

My question to you is: If you dream feed, how do YOU do it? (Or how DID you do it)?

A few people have suggested cluster feeding.
Sam drinks all 6oz every time, and I don’t want to start feeding him
when he’s not hungry, as surely that will just stretch his tummy &
mean he wants even more milk?

Thoughts please??

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