Trendy Tot Thursday – Week 33

Hello! Welcome to week 33 of Trendy Tot Thursday (or #TT_Thursday on twitter and instagram). This Children’s fashion photo linky co-hosted by@ClearlyBex et moi.

If you haven’t taken part in #TT_Thursday before, it’s worth reading this intro post to find out how it works. If you’ve joined in previously… You know what to do! You can read, comment and share your own post on the linky below.

I’m not sure if I’m allowed to choose my co-host as my favourite post from last week or not, but I’m choosing Clearly Bex’s post anyways! Lewis was looking beyond trendy in his Grey cardigan. He looked about 8 though – it really brought home to me just how fast our babies are growing up!

I have always hated clothes shopping for myself as I am a really awkward fit, thanks to my long body and arms. Before I had kids though, I did used to spend a fortune on shoes for myself. I seem to have ditched buying myself shoes in favour of getting Syd loads instead!

This week, I am sharing Sam’s new Tee. The guys at M&S kindly sent this over for him, and I think it suits him perfectly!

Don’t panic if you’re seeing a blurry photo – Sam is hitting all new levels with his stimming at the moment – he’s bouncing constantly. This was literally the clearest photo out of 30+ I took!

The Einstein Slogan T-Shirt is Grey, and is really soft cotton. It is available in age 5-14 and priced at £8-£10. I’ve added a clearer image as my photo really doesn’t do it justice!

The yellow font is slightly blurred around the edge, so the top is really eye catching. I love this top as Einstein is now widely thought to have been on the Autistic Spectrum, so it has a double meaning to it when Sam wears it. 

Sam wore the top with faded black/grey jeans. It washed really well, and Sam seemed really comfy in it.

Now it’s your turn…. Let’s see your Trendy Tots! Feel free to pop your link in the linky box below, and please do try to read and comment on some of the other posts – that’s what makes linkys work, after all.

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