It’s no secret I am not a fashion follower. If you look in my wardrobe, all you will find is jeans, leggings, tunics, tees and hoodies. 80% of what I wear is black or grey, and aside from the odd slogan, it’s mostly plain. My Autumn and Winter Style is very repetitive, for sure.

I posted this tweet yesterday…

It’s sad but true. This time last year, I was a size 16-18. Then I joined Slimming World and got down to a size 12-14. Now, all of my size 16 trousers (which fitted me this time last year) are too tight. URGH. It’s so depressing. I have decided its time to get back to slimming world. I cant afford to keep growing as I cant afford to keep replacing all of my clothes.

My Autumn and Winter Style

I went out yesterday and treated myself to some size 18 leggings – lucky me! I also got myself my first ever cold shoulder top – Better late than never, yes?

It was only £12 in Matalan, and is super comfy. I love that I can throw it on with a pair of leggings and look half decent. It also covers my bum, which means it can be worn with comfy leggings – hurrah!! I did try on the leggings its pictured with here, but they definitely aren’t flattering for those of us with… let’s say… shapely thighs and calves!

The top is available in Grey, dark red and turquoise too… I may just have to buy those as well. That’ll be my entire Winter wardrobe sorted haha. £6 per pair of leggings, and £12 per top. When it comes to fashion, comfort is key for me. I work from home and most days start with rushing around getting the kids ready for school. After that, I eat then walk the dogs, before collapsing at my laptop to work.

The only thing this outfit is lacking is pockets. I miss not having somewhere to put my phone. It’s a small price to pay though. What is your go to Autumn and Winter style? Feel free to share in the comments.

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Blogtober18 Autumn and Winter style

4 thoughts on “My Autumn and Winter Style

  1. OMG, i’m loving that top. Matalan do have some great off-the-shoulder tops in at the moment. I have 2, different to yours, but theres always more in too. I’m loving my jeggings at the moment. I need some tunic knitwears to top up my winter wardrobe.

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