Kitchen Kids with Leapfrog and Annabel Karmel

Last month, I reviewed Leapfrog’s new preschool toy, the Number Lovin’ Oven. On the back of this new product, LeapFrog have teamed up with family favourite kids food guru, Annabel Karmel, to launch its Kitchen Kids campaign.

The campaign involves parents being challenged to bring cooking roleplay to life for pre-schoolers. It’s all about encouraging kids to get involved in the kitchen from an early age. Sydney already loves to help with all of the food preparation in our house. Whether it’s pouring her own milk onto her cereal or stirring cake mix, she loves to muck in. LeapFrog will be sharing kid-friendly recipes and asking parents to share their own favourite recipes and creations through Facebook and Twitter.

To help get parents started, LeapFrog and Annabel Karmel have also created the LeapFrog Kitchen Kids Guide, which features valuable tips on how to deal with fussy eaters and advice from LeapFrog’s in-house learning team on how to fuel more roleplay opportunities at home, and the developmental benefits of this kind of activity.

Annabel Karmel, who has recently launched her all new Family Cooking App, said: “Kids love to play chef, and you’ll be amazed how early on they can start helping in the kitchen. Some of my happiest times with my three children growing up involved cooking and baking. Spending time together in the kitchen provided a great opportunity to teach them all kinds of invaluable skills – as well as the importance of eating well.”

Emily Brown, Senior Brand Manager at LeapFrog, comments: “Role play is such an exciting and important part of a child’s development, and often underrated. It is so much more than just playing for play’s sake, fuelling creativity, empathy and understanding of the world around them. Toys like Number Loving Oven encourage a child to make his or her own discoveries and at the same time help to hone skills that come from pretend play such as vocabulary building, social interaction and storytelling. We’re really excited to celebrate the launch of the Number Loving Oven with Annabel and hope our guide will inspire and support parents to discover new ways of learning learning and discoveries!”

You can download the Kitchen Kids guide by going to:

To find out more about the number lovin’ oven, check out my review!

Annabel Karmel’s new Family Cooking App is available now for iPhone and iPad on the App store ( It features a ‘Kids Rule the Kitchen’ section which has special cooking courses designed to feed children’s imaginations whilst teaching essential cooking skills. For more information visit

This is not a sponsored post. I just thought it was a good resource for other parents, so decided to share – Simples! 

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