Autumn Adventures

Last weekend, I decided to wrap the kids up warm and take them for a walk around Heaton Park.
Anyone who is from Manchester will have no doubt heard of the park, but not everyone knows about all of its history.
I spent a LOT of time there as a child, and love visiting with the kids.

I took them off the beaten track last weekend. We avoided the main tarmac, grass and balloon sellers, and went for a walk through the less well known side of the park. First off, we went through the Gruffalo’s house! (OK OK it’s a cave-like tunnel)!

On the other side of the tunnel, we were greeted by peace and quiet!
We took a walk through the wooded area (There are footpaths, so it’s not like we went off-roading exactly)!
We played Pooh Sticks on the bridge over the stream. We watched other (better prepared) families feeding the ducks in the pond, and then we stopped for a rest.

I gave Sam his Oat & fruit snack bar, and he threw it onto the floor. I was a bit annoyed when he did this, until about 5 squirrels appeared and began fighting over it. It was pretty amazing to watch. Even Sam seemed excited by it. The squirrels weren’t phased by our presence. In fact, when I held my (empty) hand down to the path, this happened!

One of the cheeky squirrels came right up to my hand and sniffed it! I reckon if I’d had some of that cereal bar in it, he’d have taken it right from me! Cheeky guy!

It is worth pointing out that lots of people feed the squirrels in the park, so it’s not quite as exciting as a truly wild squirrel coming up to you – these guys are pretty tame by squirrel standards!

It was a lovely day though. Sam had a great time relaxing in the main seat on the Phil & Teds Vibe pushchair. (He really is too takk for the 2nd seat unit. I cannot wait until Syd can come out of the cocoon and into the 2nd seat). Anyways… He had a lovely (comfy) time and Sydney had a great time in the wrap sling.

I have to say. though. I got some really funny looks for carrying her and pushing Sam. Maybe it was because the park is so hilly? Who knows. Anyways… All I know is it was a great couple of hours, and it blew some epic cobwebs away. Not to mention burnt a LOT of calories! I reckon that now I am trying to keep as active as possible to kickstart my Weight Watchers Back To Best challenge, we will definitely have to do it again. (As soon as it stops throwing it down)!

I think Autumn is my favourite season. I hate snow and ice, so Winter is out, I burn stupidly easily, so Summer is a bad season for me, and I suffer with Hayfever so Spring is never much fun either. Fingers crossed for some dry days this month, so we can go and collect some Pine Cones to decorate for Christmas!

What activities do you have planned for Autumn?

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