We were recently sent a Ucam247 IP Video Camera to review.  Being the geeky family we are, anything gadgety will always appeal to us.  In this case however, it turned out to be something we couldn’t live without.

I’ve always fancied the idea of a Video baby monitor, but never come across one that I felt justified the price.  We’ve never really found it something we ‘need’ though.  Until Sydney came along…

Now, anyone with 2 babies, especially ones that are in separate rooms, will tell you that having 2 different baby monitors running in the same house is a recipe for disaster.  We’ve had a Tomy Baby Monitor from day one for Sam, and it’s worked faultlessly.  However, we’ve tried both another Tomy and a Fisher Price monitor for Sydney, and neither have been great – despite spending hours trying to fine tune them both so they don’t interfere.

Anyway, back to the UCam247 Camera.  I suspect it wasn’t originally intended for this purpose, as nothing about it says ‘Baby’ to me – it’s basically a standard IP camera.  However, it was an absolute breeze to set up, taking less than 5 minutes.  While I’ll admit we’re probably better placed to set these things up than most, I’m confident even the most technophobic person could do it effortlessly.

The initial setup requires you to connect a cable to your router, but thereafter you can use it wirelessly (using your local WiFi network).  While not necessary, the in-built admin panel allows you to configure extra features such as recording (if you add a memory card), motion detection and email alerts.  You can also set names for cameras, which show up on screen.

On the monitoring side, an app is available for iPhone (and, I believe, Android).  An iPad app isn’t available, but using the iPhone app on the iPad gives sufficient picture quality for this to not be an issue.  Whilst there are a number of other monitoring apps available, I was unable to get the camera working with them.

The picture quality produced by the camera is superb – certainly one of the best I’ve seen, and better than any of the dedicated video baby monitors.  Running over wi-fi ensures you don’t get the usual interference you get with baby monitors.  Night-Vision mode is crystal-clear, even when the room is pitch black.

The camera also features an in-built microphone, so you can hear baby too, handy if you don’t want your eyes glued to the screen all evening!  When Sydney gets older, the talkback feature will be a huge plus too.  I also love the fact I can check on her from anywhere, via my iPhone.  If I am at out, I can make sure she is in bed without having to annoy DaddyGeek every 5 minutes.

For us, the UCam247 has been a godsend.  Sydney is a very light sleeper, so whenever we went to check on her after hearing her stir, we almost always ended up waking her.  Now, we can simply watch her without disturbing her – only going to her if she’s actually awake. It’s also solved the problem of trying to run 2 different baby monitors.

On the whole, I’d recommend it if you have an iPhone or iPad already – the cost is roughly the same as a regular video baby monitor, but the end result is superior.  Plus, once it’s no longer needed as a baby monitor, it can become a handy home CCTV.

I give the uCam247 5/5.

This is not a sponsored post. I was sent the camera to review, but all words and opinions are my own.

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