If you read my blog often, you’ll know we added two boxer pups to our family last year. This has, for the most part been an amazing idea… At least if we gloss over their constant pooping indoors, chewing all the woodwork and the dog hair, which has pretty much taken over our lives. It’s so bad, people know we have dogs even when we’ve left them at home! (Thanks to the white hairs which are all over me 24/7 now). It’s a good job the puppies are cute, that’s all I can say! When the guys over at King Kanine offered to send us a sample of their King Komb to review, I said yes immediately! Anything which could help would be welcomed into our home!

King Komb

King Kanine has a full line of holistic and natural pet products to help pets get and stay healthy inside and out.┬áRather than spending ages explaining what makes King Komb different from other dog brushes on the market… I’m embedding one of King Kanine’s promo videos so you can see them in action for yourself…

The King Komb is available in Standard and Mini size. I received a sample of both and personally found the Mini much easier to work with. My dogs are 18kg and 20kg now, so not exactly small. I guess the Standard King Komb would be more beneficial if you have a long haired dog though, as it will quicken the job.

I found both Kombs comfortable to hold and much easier to work with than the standard dog brush we had been using previously – pulling fur out of bristles isn’t my idea of fun!

In Use

There are 3 retractable edges on each King Komb, which can be quickly and smoothly retracted by sliding the lever. You can then wipe or blow the collected fur off! It really does reduce grooming time (and stress) massively. Minnie isn’t usually a fan of being groomed, but she happily sat still while I used the King Komb on her…

King Komb

The first time I used the King Komb, the retractable edges didn’t collect as much hair as I had expected them to. But I had only groomed the dogs the day before…

King Komb

The Dander collecting rubber bristles really shocked me though. They collected much more fur, and helped me to understand why so much fur was ending up all over the house and our clothes, despite regular grooming. I guess short dog hairs aren’t as easy for combs to keep hold of….

King Komb

The KING KOMB is now available to buy in over 23 countries. King Kanine are also behind KING KLEAN – an organic pet shampoo which has only six ingredients. They also produce a product line, KING KALM… Which is now the forefront for pet alternative treatments and includes oils, sprays and balms. I haven’t tried any of these products yet. However, after Monty getting really anxious during the fireworks on New Year’s Eve, I’ll definitely be looking into King Kalm as we approach Bonfire Night.

All told, I am really impressed with the King Kombs. They are available to buy directly from King Kanine HERE. I’ll happily recommend them to all my pet owning friends! Finally, why not check out more of my reviews!

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