Last year, we received the Raptor Monster Smash Ups Remote Control Race RC Truck to review. I was really excited about this item as I thought the idea of rebuilding the car after each smash would help teach cause and effect to my son who has Autism.

Monster Smash Ups - Raptor

Monster Smash Ups

The Monster Smash Ups Truck has an RRP of £34.99 and is suitable for children aged 3 and over. The pieces fit together like Duplo bricks and it’s easy for kids aged 5+ to build once they get used to what goes where. The blurry pic below is about as clear as I could manage as my 5 year old was charging around after the Truck for the entire

Monster Smash Ups - Raptor

The car takes around 1.5 hours to charge and you get around 20 minutes play for that. Included with the set is the Truck with Ejector seat, Remote Controller, 4 Flags, 4 Cones, Driver Figure, Stickers, USB Charging cable. The USB charger connects to the Truck via an old skool Jack type adaptor, and you don’t get a plug to use the charging cable with. The Truck has a built in battery but you’ll have to provide the 2x AA batteries for the controller yourself.

Once unboxed, you’ll get around 15 minutes play before the Truck needs charging again. This is where we hit problems….


Our first truck’s built in battery leaked upon the first charge. Customer service were brilliant and sent out a replacement immediately. The second truck also worked straight out of the box and the kids (and dogs) had great fun with it. Unfortunately the truck once again stopped working when it was charged.

After checking other reviews online, this seems to be a recurring issue. This is a huge shame as the Truck was brilliant fun. The controls were very responsive and the truck had brilliant suspension and could easily climb over the obstacles we set up for it – including the Puppy.

Monster Smash Ups

The Truck itself feels well made and sturdy. It’s got a fair amount of weight to it, and isn’t flimsy at all.

If the manufacturers fix the issue with leaking batteries, this will be a brilliant toy. Based on our own experiences though, I can’t give it more than 2/5. Finally, if you enjoyed this post, why not check out more of my reviews.

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