If you read my blog regularly, you’ll know that Syd is a big fan of the Schleich Horse Club range. We reviewed the Hannah’s Guest Horses set and one of the Pony slub sets earlier this year. (You can find those here). When we were asked to do a Schleich Horse Club Rider Cafe Review, I knew Syd would be happy to agree! The set is suitable for children aged 5-12, and has an RRP if £39.99. It is available to buy from Smyths Toys.

Schleich Horse Club Rider Cafe Review – What’s In The Box?

Rather than spending ages listing each item which is included, Syd and I made this video so you can see for yourself. You can also see how it gets put together, and how the other Horse Club sets can connect with it.

The exterior of the building has amazing detail. I love that the plain edge has climbing roses going up it, and there’s the option to attach fencing (available seperately) to the set to create a paddock. The schleich horse club Rider Cafe is well made, and the building itself feels like it will last a long time. The small pieces do need to be looked after though, as they are easily lost.

The set includes two characters. One man (who runs the cafe and is pictured below), and one lady who is stuck in a sitting position. The young girl pictured below wasn’t included with the Schleich Horse Club Rider Cafe set – she came with one of our other sets. As you can see, all of the Schleich humans can hold the cups, key and glasses…

Schleich Horse Club Rider Cafe - interior

Attention To Detail

One of the things I love about Schleich play sets is the attention to detail. Not only does this set include tables and chairs, cups, glasses and food… There’s also cream for the coffee cups, vases of flowers for the tables and a key for the door! The woman in the pink top pictured below was included with the Schleich Horse Club Rider Cafe play set.

Schleich Horse Club Rider Cafe Review - table and chairs outside the cafe

Horsing Around

As well as making sure the humans are well fed… The Schleich Horse Club Rider Cafe also caters for horses too. There’s a feeding station for the included Horse (and any others you may have). So they can tuck into an apple and have a drink too. I mentioned earlier that you can also attach fences to the Cafe, to make a paddock for them as well. (You can see that in the video near the top of the page).

Schleich Horse Club Rider Cafe horse

Our Thoughts

Syd absolutely loves the Horse Club play sets, and the Rider Cafe is no exception. She has spent hours playing with it since it arrived, so I’d highly recommend it. Finally, if this Schleich Horse Club Rider Cafe Review has been useful, why not check out more of my reviews!


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