Back in 2009, we spent a fortune remodeling our house. The kitchen was ripped out and replaced, we got a new home office, fitted bedroom, cinema room and much more. Then we had kids, and our gadget-filled home slowly became more and more impractical. The main issue for me now is how cold it gets in the kitchen. We replaced the boiler last year, but the kitchen is still freezing for 6 months of the year. It’s got to the point we are now looking into upgrading our radiators before Winter. Read on to find out what my plans are.

Upgrading Our Radiators Before Winter

When we refurbished the house, the kitchen had a massive makeover. We added a lot more storage, but lost a radiator in the process. Hubby was convinced the room would be warm enough with just one small radiator, but it isn’t. My plan is to replace the small radiator with a large, column radiator. I have seen some great ones over on Trade Radiators, which don’t break the bank.

Double bonus: they have got 20% off Trade Direct products for a limited time, using this discount code: LAUNCH2019. The below photo is taken from their site, and the radiator on the left is the model I have my eye on for the kitchen.

upgrading our radiators before winter
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The 1800mm x 537mm model has an RRP of £515. It is down to £268 thanks to the sale, and that discount code though. I suspect the kitchen would be much warmer with a radiator that size in the room. It’s got quadruple the wattage when compared to the one we have now, so the kitchen should be nice and toasty.

Hallway Ideas

When I began considering upgrading our radiators before Winter, the other area which I had in mind was the hallway. We have a plain, standard radiator there, and it has definitely seen better days. It’s full of knocks and marks from the dogs racing to the front door. Not to mention various boxes and furniture banging on it as they’ve been carried into the house.

Our hallway isn’t very wide, so the radiator pictured above on the right is perfect. It sticks out 10cm from the wall, so it doesn’t intrude too much on the space. I love that these radiators aren’t one solid piece of metal, so you can see your wall colour between the bars. It’ll make it easier to clean behind them too.

The RRP of that one with double bars (so double the heat) is £525. Thanks to the sale and the 20% off code, it’ll be £236 for a limited time for a radiator measuring 600mm x 1224mm. The version with just bars on the front is much cheaper – £164 after the discounts. We live in a three storey house though, and the only radiator for the hall, stairs and all landings is this one, so I need maximum output. When we are upgrading the lounge, bathrooms, and bedrooms, the single barred radiators will be fine.

Finally, if you’ve found this post useful, why not check out my interiors section for more inspiration.

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