With the rise of phones, video games, television, and other screens, it can be a challenge to get children interested in the outdoors. So, with that in mind, I am sharing some toys that get kids outdoors. Read on for my suggestions.

Toys that Get Kids Outdoors

There are plenty of fun toys, which can get them off the couch and into the world. They aren’t all super expensive, either. Star Walk Kids has a list of some great ideas for outdoor toys for kids.

Roller Skates

Roller skating is another fun activity for kids. You should make sure you get high-quality skates and safety gear that will not need to be replaced after just a few weeks. It is also important to get a confident teacher for your kids. It is so easy to suffer injuries in the hands of an inexperienced teacher – trust me… I twisted my ankles several times before I gave up on skates as a kid.

Water Guns

Kids love water play. Firstly, before giving them the guns, it’s wise to let them know that getting wet or dirty when playing okay. There are many different designs and models of water guns. Some cost just a pound or two, while others can cost £100 each. Selecting age-appropriate models will encourage your children to play with the guns outside. My kids (and dogs) love a good water fight on a hot day.

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Biking is a fun activity for kids. If your kids don’t know how to ride bikes, you can either hire someone to teach them, or you can give them riding lessons yourself. Biking will not just give your kids a good time… It will also help to strengthen the heart, lungs, and lower body muscles.

Archery Set

Archery is a great outdoor activity for kids. There are no initial requirements in terms of fitness, gender, or age, so that makes it ideal for children. Your kids can also enjoy the game all year round. In the cold or wet seasons, the archery set can be moved indoors. For the sake of your wallet, you should choose a set that can be adjusted over a large range. Your kids will be able to use such sets over their growing years.


Scooters are becoming more popular among kids in the UK. One advantage of scooters is that they are easy to use. Additionally, you should be able to teach them how to ride the scooter without outside help. Scooter exercises for kids can help them grow into strong boys and girls.

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Remote Control Planes and Cars

Remote Controlled planes were invented a long time ago. However, they have been used for military purposes and have only recently become popular with the general public. Kids will appreciate RC planes that have long ranges, first-person view cameras, and other interesting features. These kids’ outdoor toys should be purchased from known brands. Remote Controlled cars are much more affordable, and just as much fun. My kids love zooming theirs around the local park.

Bowling Set

To get kids interested in bowling, you should get them colourful bowling sets. For young kids, the balls should be made of rubber as young children will not be able to lift regular balls. Additionally, rubber balls eliminate any possibility of injury.


There are many toys that get kids outdoors, but your kids may need a little motivation to leave the house. Kids outdoor activities will help your loved ones develop social skills and so much more. Finally, check out more of my parenting posts here.

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