We were recently sent a Brainstorm Toys Creepy Crawly Catcher Set to review. The set has an RRP of £14.99 and is aimed at children aged 6 and over. Read on to find out what we got up to when carrying out our Creepy Crawly Catcher review, and what we thought of it.

Creepy Crawly Catcher Review

The set contains a bug catcher, a plastic jar with a screw on lid (which has holes in it to allows the caught creepy crawlies to breathe). Additionally, there’s a magnifying glass, observation booklet and 2 toy bugs to practice your grabbing skills on.

The bug catcher itself has soft bristles on the end, which open when you squeeze the trigger. The idea is you squeeze it open, position it over the bug target. Next, you release the trigger slowly to catch your bug. It is then held securely while you pop the bristles into the included jar. Before finally pressing the trigger again, to safely release the bug into the jar without harming it.

Allotment Fun

We have an allotment, and this set is living there, ready for the kids to catch any bugs we see, and study them. We have practiced at home with it, but as of yet, I haven’t managed to take any photos of it in use in the great outdoors.

Creepy Crawly Catcher review - In action

Syd is a huge fan of worms, thanks to Julia Donaldson’s Superworm book. She is forever pointing out bugs and spiders, so I’m sure she will get a lot of use from this set. Syd was very proud of herself when she caught the toy insects. So I am excited to see how she reacts when she does actually manage to catch something. (She keeps trying to catch things which fly, so she’s not had much luck… yet)!

The Verdict

I think this set is brilliant for any young explorers out there. Syd has used the magnifying glass to look at lots of other things in detail too. She was fascinated at the pixels on the TV! The set is good quality, and feels like it’ll last well. I’d definitely recommend it. Finally, if you’ve enjoyed this Creepy Crawly Catcher review, check out this allotment post.

This is not a sponsored post. We were sent the item to review, but all words and opinions are my own. 

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