As Leapfrog Ambassadors, we are regularly sent items to review. Last week, we received the Leapfrog LeapReader Interactive World Map to put through its paces. The item is aimed at children aged 4-8 years, but if I’m honest… I wanted to play with it myself!

Before you can play with the Interactive World Map, you have to install the data onto your LeapReader pen. This is easy to do, but it’s best to do it before you let your children open the set. Also, this means you get to check it’s working before the kids run down the battery…! (I may have spent over an hour playing the games and testing my Geography knowledge…. Or lack of – as the case was)!

The Interactive World Map has an RRP of £16.99 and it measures approximately 88.5cm x 53cm when unfolded. For some reason, most websites show its folded dimensions, which are approximately 29.5cm x 53cm. The map is double sided. One side features a “traditional” map design, and the pen will tell you the name of each country when you touch it. The pen also tells you the names of the different oceans when you select them.

The Map Racer Challenge on this side is a brilliant way to test your Geography knowledge (ok ok your kids’ knowledge). It tells you the name of a country and you have to find it as quickly as possible. I loved this, but my two children (who aren’t confident readers yet) are a little young for the game. They still enjoyed hearing the names of the countries, and Syd repeated them back after the Leap Reader said them.

The flip side of the map is covered with small images of people, animals and landmarks. If you tap these, the LeapReader tells you facts about the people, places and landmarks in the country. Sydney loved this side.

She spent ages listening to and repeating back the different greetings from around the world. (The people say “hello” in their native language when you tap them). She also enjoyed finding the animals and searching for them, when prompted by the LeapReader.

The activities on side of the map teach you about life around the world. You can find out about food, music, home life and native animals. My 4 year old son, Sam has Autism and rarely shows any interest in toys. He has been fascinated by the LeapReader Interactive World Map though. He’s spent hours looking at it, and has even picked up the pen and used it properly too!

I feel the map is brilliant for teaching children about the world. I was pointing out to the children where some of their favourite TV characters are from – they seemed to really connect with the may, then. (I told them Mickey is from America, Raa Raa is from the Jungle, and Boj (An Australian show Syd loves) is from Australia.

I think the LeapReader Interactive World Map is a great bit of kit, and I can see my children using it again and again over the years. It really is an item which will grow with them, and teach them about the world in a fun, hands on way. I highly recommend it and give it 5/5.

If you like Leapfrog products, you may want to check out their Discover Summer Club. There are lots of kids activities to help you get through the Summer holidays, as well as competitions and and tips!

This is not a sponsored post. We were sent the item to review, but all words and opinions are my own. 

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