Today I’m sharing my Yvolution Velo Balance Bike Review. We were recently sent a Yvolution Velo Balance Bike to review. I was very excited about this item, as Sam hasn’t yet got a bike of his own. (He is 4 and has Autism. Sam loves bikes but loathes pedals). He refuses to pedal his trike, but loved sitting on it, until he outgrew it.

Rather than spending ages explaining to you how many pieces the Yvolution Velo Balance Bike arrived in, I made this unboxing and assembly video, so you can see for yourself how easy it was to put together…

Yvolution Velo Balance Bike Review

It took me 13 minutes to unbox and assemble the bike – pretty good going for a rookie assembler like myself! My first impressions of the Velo were that is is really sturdy. It feels a lot stronger than I was expecting. The majority of the bike is made from Aluminium. Alternatively, the wheels are made from rubber over mould, so there’s no danger of punctures.

Yvolution Velo Balance Bike Review

The wheels are wider than I expected, and I am assuming this is to aid balance. The frame is higher off the ground than a typical bike. So your child doesn’t need to worry about safely clearing obstacles while they propel themselves along.

The fact it has 4 different seat heights means the Yvolution Velo Balance Bike will grow with your child. Sam is 4, but in age 6-7 clothes. He sits comfortably on the bike when it’s on the highest seat and handle bar settings. Sydney is 3 and in age 4-5 clothes. She is most comfortable with it on the 2nd seat and 2nd handle bar height.

Why Balance Bikes?

The idea behind balance bikes is to allow children to get used to keeping their balance on a bike as they travel. Before you introduce pedals. Research shows this is a more effective way of learning to ride a bicycle than using stabilisers.

We received the product 2 weeks ago now. Thanks to typical Autumn weather and School, we haven’t had a dry enough day to give it a proper test drive yet. Sam hasn’t asked to go out on it as much as I’d hoped. He’s sat on it several times and walked up and down the hallway on it, with support. But his younger sister Sydney has asked to ride it to school every day since it was built!

This blurry snapshot is the best photo of it in use I have managed to get so far. Call me over protective, but I need my hands free when they are on it indoors… Just in case they lose their balance! (There’s no room to ride it indoors – much to both Sam and Syd’s dismay)! I am busy crossing everything for a dry day very soon. So we can go to the park and give the Velo a proper test drive!

I will of course update this review once we’ve managed that. In the meantime, based on price, quality, ease of build and packaging, I give the Yvolution Velo Balance Bike 5/5.

This is not a sponsored post. We were sent the item to review, but all words and opinions are my own.

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