Going From A Brunette To Red Head - before

Today, I’m sharing my experience of going from a brunette to red head. Naturally, my hair is dark brown. For the last 8 years or so, I have always dyed my hair at home. Recently, my grey overtook my brown hair, so I went to the salon and had highlights put in, with a copper toner, (Pictured – right). I really liked these when they were first done, but they faded to blonde very quickly. Additionally, I wasn’t a fan of the blonde.

I’ve got Green/Brown eyes, and my Dad was a Red head – as is my brother. I have always been a bit jealous, and decided that it was time I tried it for myself. Firstly, I went to my Hair Salon (Hair Razors in Swinton – in case you’re interested) to book an appointment and double check it was possible to get my hair to the colour I hoped. They did a quick allergy test and I was sent on my way.

Going From A Brunette To Red Head

Fast forward a week, and I found myself sat in Tamzin’s chair… First, she set to work stripping all of my coloured locks. This involved her covering all of my hair (apart from my never-coloured roots) with bleach. (I’m sure there’s a more professional name than that, but basically, she stripped all of the years of build up off my hair with peroxide). I was a bit worried my hair would be left really dry and damaged by this process, but it hasn’t been.

Once the Peroxide had worked its magic (Around 30 minutes later), she rinsed it off and then dried my hair, before applying the colour to my freshly stripped locks. The hair dye was on for around 40 minutes, then it was rinsed, shampoo’d conditioned and blown. I snapped a few selfies during my time on the chair, and immediately afterwards – sorry for the weird faces!

Going From A Brunette To Red Head

My Thoughts

Tamzin did an amazing job. She convinced me to go with a curly blow, rather than my usual straight one, and I was glad I did. It looked amazing! I almost cried in her chair! I was a bit scared when she blew the first section, as it looked carrot orange. But once she dried some more, I was thrilled!

It’s 3 days later now, and I still love it! I’m not usually a big selfie fan, but I keep taking them so I can see what colour my hair is in different light – It varies between looking Red and proper “Ginger”, depending on the light.

Going From A Brunette To Red Head

I mentioned earlier that my hair hasn’t been left really damaged by the process, and it hasn’t. It does need a cut, but I ran out of time so had to leave that until my next appointment. Tamzin warned me to expect some fading the first few times I have my hair coloured. But she said that using products designed for red hair can help reduce this. So I bought some John Freda shampoo and¬†conditioner for red heads after leaving the salon.

This is not a sponsored post. I paid for my new ‘do in full (¬£81 in case you’re wondering) – but don’t tell my hubby!!

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