My Top 5 British Things

In honour of the Olympic Games starting tonight, I thought I would blog about my top 5 British “something.”
I couldn’t decide whether to blog about my top 5 Musicians, Sports Personalities, Authors or Moments, so I decided to blog my top 5 British things – I figured I could get a bit of everything in here, then.

So…. Here we go!
My top 5 British Things are:

5). Sir Alex Ferguson – I doubt I need to explain why, but in case you need clarification: COME ON
4). Queen – Not Her Majesty…. Think Freddie Mercury! I love a bit of Bohemian Rhapsody!
3). Florence Nightingale – You’ve got to love a woman fighting for what she believes in.
2). JRR Tolkein – I love Hobbits and have spent many a night reading or watching Lord Of The Rings!
1). JK Rowling – The world would not be the the same without Harry Potter!

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