Just before Sydney was born, I was sent a Britax Baby-Safe Plus SHR II to review. The day she arrived was such a rush, we hadn’t removed either of the 2 group 1 car seats from the back of the car. DaddyGeek couldn’t work out how to get the isofix seats out of the car, so he ended up turning off the passenger air bags and fitting the Baby-Safe in the front of the vehicle, while I sat in the back, sandwiched between 2 car seats!

It was really easy to strap the car seat into place using the car seat belt. The clip on the back, and the guide slots on the sides of the Baby-Safe make it pretty much fool proof. It was equally as easy to strap Sydney into the car seat. The seatbelt is loosened using the hidden button under the seat’s padding (accessed through a small slot on the front edge of the seat). You press that button down, and then you can pull either shoulder strap to loosen the harness. You then simply pull the strap which hangs down at the front of the car seat to tighten the shoulder straps, once baby is in position and the chest pads are in place.

Sydney looks really comfy in the Britax Baby-Safe Plus SHR II. So much so, we bought the isofix base to go with it, and got rid of the car seat we were planning on using for her. The isofix base was really easy to install into my car. (You put down the foot prop first, then I positioned the isofix guides, before slotting the isofix base into them until I heard a click and the indicator/release button popped out and showed green). Once the base is in place, pop the empty seat onto it until it clicks. If the seat looks like it is leaning forwards, remove the seat ad isofix base, and use the wedge provided with the base to raise the end closest to the seat back. If you then re-fit the base and carrier, it will look straighter. To get maximum safety from your car seat, lift the flap on the side of the seat which is closest to the door. This provides extra protection in the event of a side impact. (Britax call this D-SIP Technology).

The seat itself is very well padded. Sydney’s head in particular looks very secure and well protected. I loved how the head protection and shoulder strap height can be adjusted without removing the seat cover. You just loosen the shoulder straps, pull the headrest
as far forwards as you can, then slide the headrest to the required position. (The shoulder straps should be level with baby’s shoulders, or slightly below).

I love the fact the car seat’s hood has SPF50, so Sydney is protected from harmful rays when in the car. It is also great that the Baby-Safe can clip onto any Britax pushchair with the click-and-go feature. It also has a 1 hand, single push release mechanism, so you can get them from the pushchair into the car without disturbing them. The rocking base has soothed Sydney back to sleep when out and about, too. The cover can be removed without the need to remove the straps – this is a huge plus for me.

The Britax Baby-Safe Plus SHR II is a group 0 infant car seat.
It weighs just under 4kg and has a 5 point, one pull safety harness. It is suitable from birth until approximately 12 months. (Remember, babies are safer when rear facing, so don’t rush to get them into a forward facing seat).

The only thing I can moan about when it comes to the Baby-Safe, is the single handed handle adjuster – the button is still stiff after 5 weeks of regular use. It definitely takes two hands for me.

The Britax Baby-Safe Plus SHR II passed the cry test, too – Sam always cried when he was in his infant carrier, but Sydney rarely does (unless she is hungry).

All in all, I love the Britax Baby-Safe Plus SHR II. I’d give it 5/5. It is definitely the comfiest and safest infant carrier I have used. (We’ve had 4, and counting)! I would give it 5/5. The RRP of £129.99 is money well spent, in my opinion! Though I would recommend getting the isofix base as well. That way, you can just click the seat in and out of your car in seconds, without messing with seat belts.

This is not a sponsored post. I was sent the Britax Baby-Safe Plus SHR II to review, but all words and opinions are my own.

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