What is the most important thing about Christmas? A recent survey found that 76% of people said that it was spending time with family and friends – particularly their children. For the little ones, Christmas is a magical time of the year, full of fun, presents and of course parties. It is a great time for a celebration, where children can play games and enjoy themselves. If you are planning a party, sorting out the music and entertainment will make it really memorable. With that in mind, today I am sharing tips on planning the ultimate children’s Christmas party.

Choose the right sound system for your children’s Christmas party

You certainly don’t need to hire a professional DJ for your festive party; you can personally cater to your guests’ musical tastes with a phone, laptop, or iPod. If you are throwing the party in a hall or restaurant though, it is worth looking into sound system hire. You can get a professional set up that will fill your party space with music, and it won’t be easily drowned out by the noise of all the kids burning off some energy. Make yourself a varied playlist of music to cover the length of the party – kids are happy dancing away to anything from 1980s classic hits to upbeat dance songs.

kids playing at a children’s Christmas party
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Keep the catering simple 

Children will not want to sit down to a three-course meal at the big holiday party. Instead, they would much rather be playing games. Keep your catering simple, offering food that won’t take long to eat. You might like the idea of Crudites with three different types of hummus. However, kids will almost always choose the pizza and sausage rolls. Stick to finger food, and you will find that it all gets eaten and the children won’t be hungry. Save your crudites money for a large bottle of wine to drink at the end of the party.

Plan your Christmas party games

The best Christmas parties are well-organised, even down to the games. Without some fun entertainment, children will tend to get bored very quickly. Make yourself a party timetable, filling each 10 minute slot with a new game. Classics like musical bumps and musical statues are always favourites… Especially with younger children who will quickly grasp the rules. If you are giving out prizes, make sure that there is a little something for everyone, even if it is a fun-size chocolate bar or a bag of jelly sweets.

Music, food, dancing and games are what a great festive party is all about. Together, you can create happy and uplifting Christmas memories with your children. Not to mention other family members, and friends to last all year.

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