It’s no secret that I’m a big geek. I love to find creative ways to save time, and last Christmas I found the ultimate way…. Pre-printed stickers for Christmas Presents! I don’t know about you, but the biggest chore when wrapping gifts is writing the gift tags. It becomes old very quickly, in my opinion! When a friend shared her saving time with stickers hack, I was amazed! So much so, I printed some off, immediately!

Saving Time With Stickers

Look at it this way… I have 2 children of my own, with roughly 20 – 30 gifts each. I also have 10 staff members to buy gifts for, 5 siblings, their other halves and children, plus friends and their kids as well… That means I had to write a LOT of labels out… Not any more, though!

saving time with stickers

The first set were all addressed to my daughter, Sydney. They are from myself and her Dad. The blue set are all for our son, Sam. Again, they are from “Mum and dad”. The final set has a blank “to” section, but they say, “From Tina, Lee, Sam & Syd.” It was amazingly refreshing not having to look for a pen every 5 minutes! I wrote the “To” labels before I set to work, and gift wrapping was enjoyable, for once!

Our printer is broke this year, and I can say with 100% confidence, I have missed them! I never realised saving time with stickers was even a thing, before I had to do my gift tags the hard way this year. I’ll be ordering the stickers online next year, if we’ve not replaced our printer!

Labelling Leftovers

I have always been a stickler for labelling leftovers. I keep a roll of them in the kitchen, along with a sharpie so I can quickly label leftovers with a use by date. Do you do that, too? It’s definitely less traumatising than the sniff test, that’s for sure!

saving time with stickers

Reward charts are of course a brilliant way to use stickers.
I’m not sure they save much time though!

Bullet Journals

Another fab way of saving time with stickers is to use them within a Bullet Journal. You can use them to colour code the pages / sections and to decorate your journal too.

saving time with stickers bullet journal

Bullet Journals can save you time in all kinds of ways. They can help you stay organised as well. People use them for tracking and logging all kinds of things, including: Daily tasks, workout log, books to read, weekly meal planner, movies to watch, favourite quotes, savings tracker, Spending tracker, gifts to buy and more.

Wall Stickers

I love changing the look of some of the walls in our home as the seasons change. A great, temporary way to do that is with wall stickers. This was one of my favourite ones!

It’s a great way to add a little hint of festive fun to your home, without going all out. I love that they are so easy to remove, as well. Wall stickers are a brilliant way to change the look of your child’s bedroom without redecorating. Syd’s bedroom has cream and white walls and ceiling, which is a bit dull. There were canvas teddy pictures on the wall until she declared them too babyish over the Summer. I suspect Father Christmas might bring her some Harry Potter wall stickers to fit in with her current obsession. It’s much quicker and cheaper than putting up fresh wallpaper, too!

Do you have any saving time with stickers hacks? I’d love to hear them!

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One thought on “Saving Time With Stickers

  1. Yes! Also kids really love stickers. I’ve been using a sticker company I know to get little stickers with my daughter’s name and my phone number on, I stick them in her clothes so she doesn’t lose them. It’s worked so well I’m going to get some made with my name on and I’m going to put them in my clothes!

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