We were recently sent the Disney Princess Ariel Bath Styling Head to review. It has an RRP of £24.99 and is suitable for children aged 3 and over, and includes 4 clips, a hair brush, hair comb, removable necklace and a sea shell to wet her hair with.

Disney Princess Ariel Bath Styling Head

Rather than spending ages explaining to you how it works… I made this video to show you what’s included with the Disney Princess Ariel Bath Styling Head, and how it works…

As the video shows, we did have some issues getting her hair and make up to change colour at first. Once we used it in the bath and poured hot water onto her, everything changed colour. Then when we poured ice cold water on, she changed colour again. The instructions don’t mention this step though, so we only discovered it by accident.

When she’s attached to the side of the bath (via 3 rubber suckers) she stays firmly. But you can’t really style her hair in that position as her head doesn’t turn. It wasn’t a problem though, as the styling head is freestanding,. So your child can play with it out of the bath as well as in it.

Disney Princess Ariel Bath Styling Head

How Was It?

The hair was difficult to brush and style until Ariel had her “hair washed” in the bath with Syd. Syd’s only 4, so finds styling Ariel’s hair a bit tricky. But she loves making her hair and make up change colour. She also takes great pleasure in telling me how Ariel would like her hair to be each evening. She’s had some pretty glamorous styles, it has to be said!

Disney Princess Ariel Bath Styling Head

All told, I really like the styling head. I think it teaches hand – eye co-ordination, cause and effect as well as important self care techniques. Syd loves brushing Ariel’s hair and has realised that if she doesn’t brush it, it becomes tangled – just like hers does. On several occasions, Syd and Ariel have had matching hairstyles and shared Ariel’s hair clips.

I’d definitely recommend the styling head to any Little Mermaid fan, a budding hairdresser or those who’s children don’t like having their own hair washed. Syd loves to wash Ariel’s hair now on the same days her own hair is washed.

One thing I’d definitely do though is wash the styling head in warm-hot water before use so that you can avoid the frustration of the colour change not working and the hair being tangled. If the instructions had suggested this, I’d have given the toy 5/5 without hesitation.

This is not a sponsored post. I was went the item to review, but all words and opinions are my own. 

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