Game Of The Month – July

Since this is my first ever Game of the month blog, I think it only fair to dedicate it to my ALL TIME favourite game.

Super Mario Bros. 3

I got this for Christmas waaaaay back in 1991 – I was 8!
I also got a NES (Nintendo Entertainment System).
This was where my love of computer games began.

I would play this game for hours on end with my Dad & Sisters.
We’d all take it in turns and it took us weeks to complete it.
(Ok ok my Dad and older sister did almost all the work, but I was very good at dying)!!
This game was played day in day out for 2 years on our NES.

For Christmas 1993, I got a SNES (SUPER Nintendo Entertainment System).
With it, came Super Mario All Stars – Mario 1-3 plus a new game (The Lost Levels).
I STILL played Mario 3 almost constantly. The new “Amazing” graphics gave the game a whole new lease of life!

I still have my SNES until very recently and would play this game now & again for a nostalgic blast from my past.

For Christmas last year, I got the 25 year anniversary edition of
Super Mario All Stars, and I spent the entire week between Christmas and
New Year tucked up on the sofa completing this game.

I have played almost all of the Mario games and owned every Nintendo
console, but for me, this was – without a doubt the best game ever!

If you’ve never played it & you own a Wii, I suggest you buy the
25 year anniversary copy of Super Mario All Stars. You’ll get Mario 1-4
as well as a CD of Mario music – lucky you!!

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