For Christmas, I got DaddyGeek an iPhone 5. Part of the deal was that he would part exchange his old iPhone 4 to cover some of the cost. A lot of people don’t seem to understand just how much cash they can get for their old tech. So I have decided to write a quick explanation on how to how to recycle your old mobile phone.

How to recycle your old mobile

I have been recycling my mobile phones for years. It’s enabled me to upgrade early on several occasions… Without being left out of pocket by early cancellation fees.

There are a lot of phone recycling companies out there. You can do a quick google search to find them, and check how much each of them will give you for your handset. (You put in your phone’s make and model number, the memory spec if applicable, and then they give you a price). Top Dollar Mobile were the best price for us on this occasion, but it’s definitely worth shopping around, as prices vary hugely from place to place, week on week. Supply and demand, I guess.

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You Type in your tech’s IMEI number, and then once their system has verified it hasn’t been barred, you process your order. Top Dollar Mobile will send you out a freepost envelope for you to pop your handset into, then you mail it, and wait for your cash.

What Happens Next?

It took 3 days for my freepost envelope to arrive. I returned it to them with Hubby’s iPhone inside. Due to the value of my phone, I chose to send it recorded delivery. Doing so meant I was insured in case it went missing. The cash showed up in my bank 8 days after I posted the handset! It really was that simple!

You can get anything from 11p to £400 for your phone, depending on the make and model. Additionally, you can recycle iPads too.

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